Mark Kirk must handle the truth

Mark Kirk must handle the truth
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Mark Kirk is all over the place. Unfocused. Taking shots at his opponent hoping something sticks. He's so far off message, he's taking shots at Bill Brady too.

Congressman Kirk: Stop and take a deep breath. Don't look at the polls; look in the mirror. Be yourself. Do not be the guy who had to run to the right to win the primary- be yourself.

You are a better candidate than Alexi Giannoulias. You have better qualifications- without embellishing- than Alexi Giannoulias. Giannoulias's qualifications are two fold: he was the Vice President of Broadway Bank and he played basketball and is friends with President Obama. Although in Illinois President Obama is still popular, one could question Giannoulias's ascent to the post of treasurer. Would he have been given the opportunity if he wasn't friends with President Obama? Why was he qualified to run for that post at 30 years old?  Perhaps the voters will question whether we should trust the office of the United States Senate to someone whose only private professional experience is as Senior Loan Officer at Broadway Bank.

There are those two words again: Broadway Bank. Blue horseshoe loves Broadway Bank. Check out Giannoulias' website. Back in September 2009, the website included a blurb on Giannoulias' experience at Broadway:

Prior to taking office, Giannoulias served as vice president and senior loan officer at Broadway Bank in Chicago's Edgewater community. Crain's Chicago Business rated Broadway the No. 1 Bank in Illinois for five years based on return on assets.

In endorsing Giannoulias as an independent Democrat, the Chicago Sun-Times wrote, "We believe Giannoulias' banking experience will help him bring creative money management ideas to the treasurer's office." The Daily Herald endorsed Giannoulias' primary bid on his "strength of banking and investment expertise suited to the office."

See a September 2009 YDT post quoting Giannoulias' website here

Look at Giannoulias' website today and you'll note the above words that appeared in September 2009 are gone. There is no mention of Broadway Bank. No mention of the Sun Times endorsement for treasurer, his experience, and his creative money management ideas to the treasurer's office.

What part of Broadway Bank's failure was because of "creative money management?" Is a $13 billion shortfall in the Illinois "creative money management?" Look at Giannoulias' professional experience, without Broadway Bank there is none. Unless you count playing basketball in Greece.

So why the embellishment of your Naval career? Why are you distorting the truth about Alexi Giannoulias having a former aide that was a BP lobbyist? When the truth came out- that you did not win an award, but rather your unit did; that you were stateside rather than a part of the invasion of Iraq as claimed- your opponent labeled you a liar. It's through that prism the voter looks at your latest claim, that Giannoulias' one-time close aid was a BP lobbyist. When it turns out that Alexi's aide, Endy Zemenides, was a lobbyist for local BP gas stations in Chicago and not the multinational corporation, it makes you look like you have a problem with stretching the truth. Couple that with the fact that you find no fault in taking $150,000.00 in campaign contributions from Kirkland & Ellis, the law firm representing BP, some might find the word hypocrite more appropriate than liar. Neither are words a candidate for United States Senate wants to be associated with.

And for what gain? Yes, as of July 7, 2010, you are only two points ahead of Giannoulias in polling according to Real Clear Politics- perhaps even a point behind according to Rasmussen's July 7th poll. But if you stick to fundamentals and your message, without stretching the truth, the polls will open up as much as your fundraising advantage- in which Q2 you raised $2.3 million to Giannoulias' $900,000.00. About that advantage, Rich Miller at the Capital fax blog explained:

Giannoulias won't be able to sugar-coat this or excuse it. Kirk now has almost a four-to-one cash advantage over him, and there's no sign that Kirk has slowed down. He raised more than Giannoulias in June, which should've been a prime fundraising period for the Democrat since Kirk was getting bashed over not telling the truth about his military record. Time's running out to raise the big bucks necessary to compete in this state's expensive media markets. His supporters better hope he has a plan.


Hopefully, it's not the same plan he had as Vice-President of Broadway Bank. But considering being the Vice-President of a failed bank is his only private professional experience at the ripe old age of 34, maybe his plan will be similar. Bet that it is, Congressman. Be yourself. Relax and stop stretching the truth and you'll be the junior senator from the State of Illinois come January 2011.

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