Having nieces and nephews is great, but.....

Having nieces and nephews is great, but.....
…..it’s really put a large dent in my Easter basket. Yes, I’m 32 and yes I love candy. Big whoop, you wanna fight about it? Let me start off by saying, I love my nieces and nephews, they’re great. They’re funny, goofy and fun to have around. But I’ll tell ya, in the past few... Read more »

So it's St Patricks Day weekend...

So it's St Patricks Day weekend...
St Patricks day has gone from a traditional Irish celebration of St Patricks death (who was born in the Roman controlled British Isles. So what would make him Bri-talian?), to a day where “everyone is Irish”. Chicks are allowed to dress like prostitutes with so much green clothing that it looks like a Leprechaun barfed... Read more »

Autoparts stores and their eccentric employees. Coincidence or carefully thought out plan?

So I’m a bit of a backyard mechanic. I like to fix things, take them apart, and see how they work. I’ve been like that since I was a kid. And ever since I was 16 and had a car, I always liked to work on it. Nothing fancy, I’m not talking about swapping out... Read more »

How difficult is it to understand the custom of tipping?

I’m a server. I’ve been a server since I was in my early 20′s. Yet to this day, some, if not a lot of people, don’t know how to tip. Now, I know that there are probably a thousand bloggers who have talked about this subject, but now there’s a thousand and one. I’m not... Read more »
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    I'm a quick witted, sharp tongued radio producer and server. Born in Cleveland and raised in the fine suburbs of Chicago. I've been in the service industry just long enough to have lost a little bit of faith in the human race and wonder how some people make it through this world without wandering into the street and getting hit by a bus. But don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty happy, go lucky guy, I just can't deal with stupid people anymore. If you're so inclined, you can always tweet me @JamesDudas. I'm on there from time to time sharing my infinite amount of useless knowledge.

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