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Do You Still Date Your Partner?

“You looked so gorgeous tonight.” Say what? These are words Hubs spoke to me tonight before we went to bed. He kissed me on the cheek after I said ‘Awww thank you baby,” big kiss and tender looks…  I marveled at how five words made me feel more alive and special than I’d felt in... Read more »

10 Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Marriage

It was a cloudless, blue sky day in Chicago 20 years ago this month. The weather held at 83° at 5:30 pm as Hubs and I exchanged vows in the Lakeview neighborhood where I lived. We celebrated with friends and family until late in the night. I still get a dreamy smile on my face... Read more »

Do You Share Everything With Your Spouse?

While marriage is a union between two people agreeing to share their lives with one another, does that mean we need to share everything? And what is everything, anyway? Emotional intimacy, the kind we all crave in our marriages involves being vulnerable and open with one another. When we agree to share a life, we... Read more »

My Husband is the Star on Father's Day

While I am missing my sweet Dad this Father’s Day and every day, I am pretty darn excited to celebrate the most amazing Dad – my husband. This guy, this guy, this guy. Allow me to get a bit mushy here; perhaps a bit nauseating, in fact. When I see the word father and think... Read more »

I'm humbled by my husband's devotion

A guy walks in to the grocery store on his way to work… No punchline. This is my life. I had no coffee this morning because I forgot to buy it yesterday. And naturally, I had no coffee and got zero sleep last night. With middle age comes some sleepless nights. Enter this guy. My... Read more »