Empty Nest: A Preview

It’s been an interesting 24 hours. Hubs and I got a glimpse at life as empty nesters. We didn’t plan it, even though our calendars knew it was coming. We were suddenly alone in our house from 5:30 am Thursday until 11 am Friday. It was fabulous. Since Boy is out of town for baseball... Read more »

High School Graduation: A Mom's Reflection

Why is the alarm going off? What day is it? Where am I? I’m startled out of my heavy sleep and realize: today my Girl graduates from high school. “That’s what today is,” I whisper into the morning air. Heavy, heavy sigh. And out of nowhere, the memory reel flickers on more clearly than I thought... Read more »

A Migraine and a Moment on a Monday

Productivity was my intention for Monday. After a fun filled, sports filled, busy weekend, I had to buckle down Monday and just get stuff done. I headed into the week with some great music and some joyful discipline. Halfway into my second load of laundry, paying bills and compiling my long list of to-dos, my... Read more »

Are You an Innocent Victim of Dress Anxiety Disorder?

Dress Anxiety, commonly known as DA, is a serious condition affecting many high schoolers across the country. Your child may have DA if you have witnessed the following: A child completely satisfied with the dress you purchased a week ago suddenly becomes frantic because she ‘just doesn’t love it’ anymore. Unexpected mood swings from said... Read more »

Never say these 3 things when parents share where their child is going to college

Today is a big day for many high school seniors across the country. The deadline to commit to most colleges is today, May 1st. My daughter’s high school unofficially hosts ‘college t-shirt day’ where students attending college wear tees from the school of their choice. It’s a big day for them as their high school... Read more »

I Wore a Bikini and This is What Happened

Donning a bikini is not a normal occurrence for me. I haven’t worn a bikini proudly since….ever. While I wore them in high school and college, in my 20s and on my honeymoon, I was always self conscious about my body. It was so unnecessary back then. I was a healthy, fit and confident girl.... Read more »

Three Reasons Why I am Loving 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is one of the newest TV shows to binge watch as of late. The Netflix original, based on the YA (young adult) novel by Jay Asher, is about high school junior Hannah Baker who takes her own life. Two weeks after Hannah’s death, classmate Clay Jensen receives cassette tapes, recorded by Hannah,... Read more »

Parents of High School Juniors-It Gets Better

  Heavy course loads. A social life. Sports, service and activities. Parent demands, teacher demands, peer demands.  It’s enough to make any teenager stressed out, overwhelmed and more cranky than normal. And how about you sweet High School Junior parent? You feel it right? I know I did. Actually, I am breaking out just now... Read more »

Quotes About Love on Valentine's Day

"I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other."  Rainer Maria Rilke
Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. I thought today, on this lovely day of love (is that a Hallmark quote?) I would share some of my favorite quotes about love. Maybe you can use one in the card you bought for your sweetheart or simply even copy, paste and send a text. Do you have a favorite... Read more »

Do You Share Everything With Your Spouse?

While marriage is a union between two people agreeing to share their lives with one another, does that mean we need to share everything? And what is everything, anyway? Emotional intimacy, the kind we all crave in our marriages involves being vulnerable and open with one another. When we agree to share a life, we... Read more »