My new podcast is Tania's Take race, culture and the culture of race

My new podcast is Tania's Take race, culture and the culture of race

I've started a new podcast called Tania's Take race, culture and the culture of race.  I had another podcast named Race Bait. The tag line for that was “A Black woman. A White man. We talk about racism so you can too” I was the Black woman in that scenario. Still am.

Race Bait was a great success but it came to a necessary end. It spawned fruitful, often awkward and challenging conversations that covered a wealth of topics but it kept us largely in an “across the table” dynamic. We literally recorded the show with me at one end of my kitchen table and my co-host at the other. 

With Tania’s Take I want to do something different. I want to have conversations with people side by side. So I’m bringing my guests right next to me. We’re sharing the mic and we’re going to cover a myriad of topics. As a black woman I want to revel in and celebrate the spirit of women of color and I want my listeners to join me and feel like they are getting an opportunity to understand and or relate to the experience of navigating this world from that perspective.

I will also cover what’s happening politically and culturally and share my informed perspective. I am an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Creative Consultant . I’m also a pop culture enthusiast so I know about and can speak to whatever is happening in the zeitgeist.

I am going to have segments like "shoulda coulda woulda" which will be an opportunity for guests to “go back in time” and revisit a difficult conversation and talk about what they shoulda, coulda, woulda said. This week's episode (coming Thursday) my guest is a man I went to high school with who I haven't spoken to in 36 years. Sister Says is a segment where my brilliant sister Gina (who is like my own personal Maya Angelou) and educator will join me and drop many of the life changing wise words she has shared with me throughout the years as well as her perspective on race and culture and more. 

This podcast isn't only for women of color. It’s for anyone who wants to take a break from being the cultural default; the group in which all perspectives are formed and wants to open themselves up to a point of view that may not consider on a day to day basis. It’s that understanding and the embracing of what is other than you that is a the key component in how we chip away at Whiteness, the patriarchy and our current American way.

I’ll have experts, armchair experts, people living their best lives, people grappling with challenges and yes I will also have White people who are part of the problem and more importantly part of the solution.

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