White male privilege is on trial

White male privilege is on trial

There's a scene in an old Law and Order where the defendant is on the stand and good old Sam Waterson hands him a machete; the murder weapon. He baits the defendant and gets his anger to escalate to the point where he is waving the machete around in a manner that reflects how he would have looked when he stabbed the victim of the crime. The defendant catches himself and realizes his mask is off and there's no way to hide his true character or what he did from the jury.

I thought of that moment when Brett Kavanaugh unraveled during the senate committee hearing. Every time he sniffed, whined, furrowed his brow and pouted it was the equivalent of "waving the knife" in front of the jury. In this case the jury was the senators (if they cared to see it) and America.

White male privilege was on full display and it cannot be unseen. Other than Trump it's not everyday that a massive audience can witness the behavior that contributes to systemic racism, misogyny and homophobia. Unless you're watching Fox News. Yeah, I said it.

Though Kavanaugh's behavior reminded me of the Law and Order scene at least the defendant in that case was provoked by the prosecutor. Kavanaugh came out the gate with his fury blazing. The mere suggestion that his behavior adversely affected another human being kicked him into rage before anyone asked him anything.

Now anyone who wants to reject the notion that white male privilege exists simply needs to watch the video of Kavanaugh. If you are a white man who isn't clear of what you are capable of when something doesn't go your way watch the video. Or if you're certain you aren't capable of such a display use it as a cautionary tale. Keep a picture of Kavanaugh on your phone and if you feel a meltdown coming on access the picture and take deep breaths til you recover.

Now that the mask is off it is the future of white male privilege that is on trial. Outside of whether Kavanaugh is appointed to the highest court of the land the decision made will send a message. The decision will contribute to upholding white male privilege or contribute to the long process of abolishing it.

Let us hope the right choice is made. Let's call our senators and demand it.

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