My 10 second fast and the inspiration that followed

Over the weekend a dear friend had to fast before a minor procedure on Monday. I was going to be with the friend on the day of their fast and I thought it'd be nice to show my support by also fasting. It's no fun when other people are enjoying food around you when you can't indulge. It was the right thing to do.

The day came and when I woke up a feeling of dread sat on my chest like a fat cat. I was panicked. I'd fallen asleep on the couch the night before so I wasn't far from the kitchen. Could I do this? Could I drink clear liquids and chicken broth instead of pancakes and eggs which my husband was in the process of making as he does every Sunday?

My feet hit the ground. I stood up, walked to the kitchen, saw a plate of bacon on the counter and popped a piece in my pie hole. My "fast" lasted the length of time it took for me to walk in the kitchen. 10.8 seconds. I am a beacon of discipline and restraint. I am a good, good friend.

Me no likey fasting. I have a few friends who fast a couple of times a week. It helps them maintain their weight, clears their head and enables them to eat whatever they want on other days. The idea of this appeals to me. The practice of it makes me dizzy.

While my utter-fasting fail makes a funny anecdote it also reminded me of my good fortune. What a gift to choose and fail at not eating for a day. I thought about people who don't have that choice. I considered children in my own kids' schools who barely have one meal a day or rely on school sponsored programs for sustenance.

I saw this video on Facebook about a school custodian who started a "giving closet" at her school for homeless students.

The story inspired me to think of ways I can do something similar in my community. I am going to see if I can recruit the childcare program my daughter attends after school.

Every Holiday my church donates to The Woolgathering Project started by Chicago based actors Beth Lacke and the late Molly Glynn. The project is "committed to gathering as many socks as possible to share with our area's homeless and individuals and families hoping to transition into homes." Bake Sale for Justice is "a monthly event held by families to raise money for organizations that fight for justice for all people." It was started by Chicagoan Anne Fogarty and a group of moms and their kids after the election.

Boy that 10.8 second fast was inspiring. It got me thinking about abundance and organizations focused on spreading the "wealth" as well as what I can do. Can you imagine if I had made it to 5 minutes?

Is there a local organization doing good in your community? Please share in the comments below.

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