5 steps to start a podcast with your kid

I love podcasts. I love my daughter. My daughter loves me, podcasts and My Little Pony. I also produce and co-host a podcast called Race Bait. My daughter has listened to episodes and sings along to the theme song.

One day she was telling me the ins and outs of a My Little Pony episode and we stumbled across an idea. We decided to do a podcast about My Little Pony. Episodes would consist of my daughter explaining an episode to me after we've watched it together. My Little Podcast was born.

We stumbled across a sure fire way for kids and parents to bond while doing something creative led by the kid's passion. What does your kid love to tell you about while your driving or cooking dinner? Whatever it is turn it into a podcast!

Here's how:

  1. Use your phone's voice memo app: Most smartphones have some kind of voice memos app to record quick notes to yourself. Professional voiceover artists use the app to record their auditions so the quality is fairly good. You can send it via email or Airdrop the file to your computer. Easy peasy.
  2. Create a free and simple logo: In the world of podcasts a good looking logo is important to attract listeners. Fortunately there are websites like freelogo.com that provide templates. My daughter has used it for class projects so it's likely your child will be familiar and know how to navigate it. We created ours on Adobe Premiere Elements which I use for work purposes. untitled-1_edited-5
  3. K.I.S.S. (Keep it short and simple) My Little Podcast episodes are a maximum of 15 minutes long. It's the perfect length for young listeners and parents. (Let's face there's only so much one can consume about My Little Pony at a time.) Short episodes enables us to explore it but not belabor the point.
  4. Post it on Soundcloud: Soundcloud is "the world’s largest music and audio platform..music and audio creators use Soundcloud to both share and monetize their content." You can create a free account which allows for a certain number of uploads at no cost. Or you can email your audio file to friends and family without using the platform at all. 
  5. Produce and release on your schedule: We have put no pressure on ourselves to record episodes. So far we have released 3 and try to record every two weeks or so. But this isn't the evening news. Flexibility is key.

It's been a gift learning about the My Little Pony universe through my daughter's tutelage. She is all knowing and I love deferring to her as well as sharing things about the show's influences which include Sondheim, The Muppets and Greek  mythology (This show doesn't kid around.)

Our bonding doesn't only happen when we record. It happens in between recording when we talk about the show, think of different ideas for it, have inside jokes because of it and watch the episodes together.

We'll record the show as long as she still loves. As she enters into middle school I know it's probably a precious brief time. Do I love My Little Pony now? My Little Pony is fine. I love my daughter though and I'm enjoying this creative way for us to bond.

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