"Inaction is action": Here's what you can do to help children and parents separated at the border

"Inaction is action": Here's what you can do to help children and parents separated at the border

All weekend long I heard the distant screams of children. The screams hailed from Texas where kids and parents are being separated. I can't shake the screams.

This is America. This is happening in America. This is how we treat children. In America.

This weekend I enjoyed my children, appreciated my husband, engaged with my neighbors. I couldn't shake the screams. I don't have the right to shake the screams while this is happening. And while such horror can make you feel helpless and paralyzed, writer Sophia Hass reminds us, "Inaction is action."

Trump "is looking to build tent cities at military posts around Texas to shelter the increasing number of unaccompanied migrant children being held in detention." This isn't going away. The screams are getting louder and multiplying. 

This is America. Let's get to work.

Here are some more action items:
  1.  You can donate to RAICES and help reunite an immigrant parent with their child I feel a little vulnerable donating online. I want to make sure my information is secure. I want to make sure that the funds go directly to the cause and not the salaries of staff. I feel good that my donation can directly impact the victims of this legislation. The website says, "Donate to our fund to directly support legal services for detained separated parents and the direct funding for bonds to get parents released."
  2. In Chicago there will be a protest against family separations at the Border on June 30th. Generally I am not a hit-the-streets activist because protests include one of my least favorite things: crowds. My pen (or keyboard) and voice tend to be my weapons of choice. These events have made me reconsider my introverted tendencies. I will be out of town for this one but I'm going to keep my eye out for others.
  3. Call your elected officials: I called my representatives last week. I've been curious about the effectiveness of calling more than once. This article from Medium gives advice on how much is too much and other good information on contacting your representatives such as "the length of the call doesn't matter it's the substance".
  4. "Urge" our Senators and Representative to do specific things.  Kids in Need of Defense suggests the following items. I'm going to call my reps again with these specifics:
    • End the policy of separating and jailing families. Demand that President Trump, DHS Secretary Nielsen, and Attorney General Sessions end family separation and detention through social media, letters, appropriations, and in Congressional hearings
    • Urge your Member of Congress to cosponsor the following legislation:
      • S. 3036 – Keep Families Together Act
      • R. 2572 – Protect Family Values at the Border Act
      • R. 5950/S.2937 – the HELP Separated Children Act
      • R. 2043/S. 2468 – Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2018

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