5 news items that made me go hmm

There are some real head scratchers in the news lately. In the time of Trump I question everything more than ever. Here are some news items that made me go, "Hmm."

  1. I can't believe people are willing to accept Trump's decision to launch a missile strike against Syria at face value. This man is unstable, irrational, uninformed and reckless. Whether you agree America should have taken action it's foolish to assume Trump's action is pure, unselfish and for the benefit of the greater good. Trump don't play like that.
  2. Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski is a 22 year old Physics genius and PH.d candidate. Harvard has crowned her the next Einstein. Wanna know what's annoying about that? It's annoying that Harvard is comparing her to a man. Are there no female scientists they could have cited? Yes there are. Here's a list. Do better Harvard.
  3. United Airlines employees dragged an Asian man off a plane this week because he refused to give up a seat that he paid for. He was randomly chosen among all the paying passengers when they all refused to give up their seats. The image of this man; bloodied and screaming while other passengers looked on or filmed in horror is abhorrent. Imagine the same thing happening to a White man. Can't do it? Me neither. That stuff just doesn't happen to cisgendered, heterosexual White men in this country. Just saying'.
  4. Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune tried to make a case for "cultural sharing" as a counter to "cultural appropriation" "Unfortunately, when taken to extremes, the fight against cultural appropriation can turn into a divisive fight against one of this land's most underappreciated opportunities: cultural sharing." 'Cept "cultural sharing" isn't really a thing if it doesn't involve people from the appropriated culture willingly sharing elements of their culture with the majority. Appropriate means in part to take without permission. Ya dig?
  5. Sean Spicer referred to Hitler's gas chambers as "Holocaust Centers" and managed to defend Hitler when trying to make Assad seem worse. (Ya know cause it's a contest.) Here's what journalist April Ryan thought about that:


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