A Minute On Racism

A Minute On Racism

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With all the racial tension coursing through this country I have been itching to explain racism on a personal level. In the spirit of believing most people are good I also believe that most people understand racism on a macro level. Most people can grasp what is right and what is wrong.

Yet is is when racism is witnessed by society on a broad scale that there is a danger of it becoming generalized. If you aren't in Ferguson, if you aren't a member of Eric Garner's family injustices like those and others eventually fade away. It's human nature to forget what is painful.

But If you hear stories of people you know, or people who remind you of someone you know or people you would like to know those stories will stay with you longer. I hope.

Racism is a verb. Racism is in the details.

I want to use personal and individual accounts of racism to enlighten people on the topic because prejudice is in the small infractions, the things said and unsaid. It's in the myriad ways a person is dismissed, diminished, suppressed, looked over, shamed, hurt (emotionally, physically) and killed. Killed.

I am going to start with 60 seconds on my experience with racism. In one minute I will tell as many stories as I can about the times racism has had me in its grip.

How many stories can I fit into a minute? How many minutes of racism will fill my life? How about yours?

If you have a minute on racism make a 60 second video and post it on Facebook or Twitter with #aminuteonracism. Or share your stories in the comment section below. Let's personalize racism so people can't forget.


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