5 Pieces of Advice That Changed My Life

5 Pieces of Advice That Changed My Life

Good advice like good news needs to be spread. Useful information may be a mantra in your heart and head but don't be stingy. Say it out loud and share it so others can benefit, too.

Here are 5 pieces of advice that changed my life and saved me a great deal of misery through the years.

1) Bad Ideas Can't Wait. If u can't "sleep on it" then it's probably a decision made in haste. I once hit send on a rant e-mail I regret to this day. I should have saved that baby in my drafts folder until I came to my senses in the morning. With big decisions if you have to do it "right away" chances are you want to do it "right away" before good reason takes over and makes you change your mind.

2) New Moms are Liars. New Moms stretch the truth to make themselves feel better. Don't be fooled. When I was a new mom another new mom kept telling me her 8 month could TALK!. Then I met the kid and realized his "words" were gibberish only his mother could understand. Another mom who told me her baby was "sleeping through the night" left out the crucial detail that she fed her baby formula (which is in fact a sleep-aid). I found out that little piece of info when her husband let it slip. She looked at him like she was plotting a divorce.

3) Your Boyfriend Is Not Your Gay Best Friend or Girlfriend. Generally a straight man doesn't gossip about pop culture, won't share or want to hear deep feelings, probably won't ask a whole lot of follow-up questions and doesn't give fashion advice. If he does, you might need to be concerned. (Pssst, he's gay). Once I stopped expecting my boyfriend (now husband) to have most of the above mentioned traits (He shares his feelings. Love ya, Honey.) I was able to appreciate all the wonderful things he did have to offer. And on the occasion that he does give sound fashion advice or gossip about the Kardashians (never) it's a bonus.

4) Do u want to be happy or do u want to be right? When trying to settle an argument or negotiation with my boyfriend (now husband) my friend advised that I choose my battles and embrace the art of compromise. Life was so much easier after that. Remember, being right all the time can be lonely.

5) Yes And...One of the major rules in improvisation also applies to life. When someone gives you information say, "Yes," then add directly to what you heard. That's how an improvised scene is created. In life say, "Yes," to the things around you and contribute directly to what comes your way. In between your so-called plans your life will happen. Say, "Yes."

I credit my sister for the first three pieces of advice, my friend Arlene with the fourth and The Second City with the fifth. These are landmarks in my life and I refer to them at least once a day. I'm glad I was listening when the wisdom came my way.

I hope it applies to you as well.

What's the best advice you have ever received? Please share in the comment section below.

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