I asked my Facebook friends what they've been eating for comfort food and got plenty of responses

Last week was an anxiety-provoking-white knuckle-slow motion-nightmare that had me on edge. I vacillated between having no appetite to wanting to eat anything in my sight even though I was unable to actually eat much. The chamber of echoes, cries, fear, dismay, battles and anger on Facebook gave me no comfort so I deleted the... Read more »

5 ways I'm kicking it old school on election day

Ah election day. Here we are. Do you believe it? More than ever we approach this day with more information, images and opinions than any other election. Social media, network, cable media and even entertainment television has flooded us for months with rumor, intrigue, controversy, battles and even some facts. Tonight news channels will roll... Read more »

The happiest place on earth is an apple orchard

Aprons with graphics!
I found the happiest place on earth and you too can go to there. Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch is the name. It’s in Champaign, Illinois. This little slice of heaven has everything: apples, pumpkins, bouncy houses, knick knacks, kettle corn, A Country Store…I need a minute. Fall is my favorite time of the year.... Read more »

Implicit bias has no color

I watched the Vice Presidential debate Tuesday. I was frustrated by Tim Kaine’s constant interrupting. I was astounded by Mike Pence’s Houdini-like ability to see and hear what he wants when it comes to Donald Trump. My strongest reactions came when Mike Pence asked about Bradley Vincent the Black police officer who killed Keith Lamont Scott (a Black... Read more »

10 reasons the debate is still bugging me today

  Trump (a man) screamed and interrupted Hilary Clinton (a woman) on national television repeatedly and she had to contain her reaction within a tiny box because as a woman if she struck back or expressed her disdain, even rolled her eyes all the criticism would have fallen on her. She had to stand there and do her... Read more »

The day after Labor Day and what white pants mean to me

Ah the day after Labor Day. My friends in the city are rejoicing that their kids are finally heading back to school. Others are starting the first day of their “after-labor-day-diet” or “cleanse”. And fashionistas everywhere are folding away their white pants because “no white after Labor Day” still applies. “No white after Labor Day”... Read more »

I have an announcement about the PTA

I have an important announcement to make. I have accepted a position on the PTA. The previous sentence is something I never thought I’d write. I have two realities. The first reality is the truth; the world I actually live in. The second reality is the fantasy version of my life where it would be... Read more »

7 Reasons to take your daughter to Ghostbusters

7 Reasons to take your daughter to Ghostbusters
I took myself on a movie date yesterday. Going to the movies by myself is one of my favorite things to do. Of course popcorn must be involved. And Ghostbusters was the perfect “popcorn movie” to see. I’ve never seen the original Ghostbusters though I am well aware of it’s place in American culture. It... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly nobody asked you about slavery

Michelle Obama made a groundbreaking speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday. Bill O’Reilly (like all people in faux positions of power) had to piss all over it. Here’s what I mean. In part of FLOTUS’ speech she said this: “That is the story of this country, the story that has brought me to... Read more »

Melania Trump's plagiarizing proves we are being punked

I feel relieved after the debut of the Republican National Convention because now I know for sure we are being “punked”. I’ve suspected it for some time now; obvi. But with Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech I can rest assured that Trump will reveal the big “GOTCHA” when he makes his speech on Thursday. There is... Read more »