Will the Wrigley Field Renovations be completed in time for Opening Day 2015?

With so much going on at Wrigley Field lately, I have been getting a lot of emails and tweets regarding the question if Wrigley will be ready in time for Opening Day 2015.  Here is the entire list of renovations that are to be completed before Opening Day 2015:

Phase One: 2014-15

  • Structural steel and concrete work throughout the facility
  • Budweiser Bleacher expansion and restoration in left and right field
    • An additional 15 feet of space in the left- and right-field Budweiser Bleachers
    • New concession areas and restroom facilities
    • Beautiful new outfield group terraces
    • An additional 300 Bleacher seats
  • Expansion of the Budweiser Bleachers to include outfield signage
    • A 3,990-square-foot video board in left field
    • A 2,400-square-foot video board in right field
    • A 650-square-foot sign in right field
    • Additional outfield signs
  • Work on the third-base side concourse, including new restroom facilities
  • Excavation in the triangle property to prepare the foundation for new player facilities, a concessions prep and staging space, and office development

Now, this certainly seems like a lot, but as you can see from the pictures daily, the Cubs have moved very quickly in getting the Bleachers down, and are currently finishing their digging in order to pour the concrete. Many of you have mentioned you can't pour concrete after a certain time in the year due to the cold weather. This is true, which is why the Cubs are nearly finished with digging in order to get the concrete work done. I am on site daily, and I must say, I see something new on a daily basis, which leads me to believe that things are currently on schedule. Of course, once winter hits, depending how bad our winter is, this might slow things down a bit. Time will tell. Below you will find a list of the Phase 2,3, and 4 of the Wrigley Renovations that will take place after the 2015 season.

Phase Two: 2015-16

  • Completion of the Budweiser Bleacher restoration and expansion
  • Improvement and expansion of player facilities
  • New, state-of-the-art, 30,000-square-foot Cubs clubhouse facility
    • Locker room
    • Strength and conditioning center
    • Training and hydrotherapy areas
    • Media center
    • Team offices
    • Player lounge
  • Redevelopment of current Cubs clubhouse space
    • Larger home dugout
    • Two new underground batting tunnels
    • New third-base club
    • New 200-seat auditorium
    • New office space
  • 30,000-square-foot concessions prep and staging space
  • Bullpens relocated underneath expanded Budweiser Bleachers
  • New seats added in old bullpen areas
  • New grounds crew space
  • New home-plate club
  • Outdoor plaza and office building with first-floor retail
  • Expanded commissary space
  • Completion of third-base-side concourse, with new concessions and restrooms
  • Enhancements to the right-field upper deck, including a new outdoor concourse with added concessions and restrooms

Phase Three: 2016-17

  • Restoration work begins on first-base concourse
  • Improved visitors' clubhouse
  • New umpires' room
  • New first-base club
  • New Clubhouse for Clark on the first-base side
  • Enhancements to the left-field upper level, including a new outdoor concourse with added concessions and restrooms
  • New upper-level club
  • Renovation and expansion of luxury suites

Phase Four: 2017-18

  • Two-story retail and entertainment complex in the right-field corner replaces Captain Morgan Club
  • Completion of remaining work on first-base-side concourse
  • Completion of middle portion of upper deck, including new concessions and bathrooms
  • Renovated press box
  • Ricketts family development
    • New open-air plaza
    • New office building
    • Sheraton Hotel

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