Election Night Randomness

Election Night Randomness

So what have we seen so far this week?  Well, Joe Maddon became the new Cubs manager.  That was cool.  The week's barely begun and we have a few things to check out...

Wrigley Field Construction

Looks like they were just reinforcing the walls or the existing right field LED board because everything is coming down now:



I guess they will rebuild that bleachers party deck once the walls are expanded out.

A Cubs Favorite Retires

Well, to me he was a Cubs favorite anyway.  The often maligned Alfonso Soriano, now having completed his last contract (you remember, the eight-year pact with the Cubs that all Cubs fans suddenly hated after 2008), decided he would hang up his cleats.  Despite his shortcomings, Sori was an above-average offensive player and vastly improved his outfield play as his career wound down (crazy but true).  And despite media shaming, he actually was a positive role model and a hard worker in the eyes of his teammates and coaches.  One wonders if he could serve as a coach or special assistant with the Cubs later on, but for now, I hope he enjoys his retirement.

Pete Ricketts, Governor

The random Ricketts brother who doesn't really do anything, Pete Ricketts, was just declared the new governor of Nebraska.  It's not that surprising given that Nebraska is a traditionally red state even if Barack Obama yoinked an electoral vote from there once, and Pete had "won" the Republican primary, so it was a foregone conclusion that whichever Republican came out of the rubble would be named governor.  Just for fun:



On a related note, I probably should have voted, but I honestly don't know or care for any candidate, so I abstained like a bastard empty-ballot Hall of Fame voter.  I am a bad citizen.


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  • I guess the only really surprising thing is demolishing the party deck. I don't know what structure is under it, but that thing was maybe 3 years old?

  • In reply to jack:

    I think it didn't actually take that long to repurpose that chunk of bleachers and build it up, so I doubt they cared how old it was. Almost like remodeling a kitchen at that point.

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