Random baseball thoughts

Random baseball thoughts
Billy stole a base, and the world stopped for a second to collect itself. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The American League Championship Series will feature the Kansas City Royals (first time since 1985) and Baltimore Orioles (first time since 1997) as both teams swept their opponents in the "second" round of the playoffs.  Future Cub James Shields pitched strong ball, while the Orioles scored just enough to squeak by.

As many have noted, the two teams that went balls to the wall (the A's and Tigers) to get their aces couldn't even win one postseason game.  The teams that, relatively speaking, stood pat, and are moving on.  It's really too bad because David Price didn't pitch poorly, and neither did Jon Lester, but that's baseball for ya.  Oakland may retool this offseason depending on what Billy Beane thinks about his window of opportunity, but Detroit has some issues:



That doesn't include HUGE contract extensions to Justin Verlander (slumpy) and Miguel Cabrera (still good, but getting old) that have yet to kick in.  The Tigers may have deep pockets, but their financial flexibility is about as close to nonexistent as I think one can get.  Meanwhile, the Angels have their own problems to deal with, including one Josh Hamilton:


Oh my. That sounds very bad.

Let's check out one of the more fun things though, as Billy Butler (yes, that one) stole a base:



Also, if it is true that the Cubs are looking for a veteran lefty reliever, Andrew Miller did pretty well in the series against the Tigers...


There are other things to think about, like hoping that fans will be able to tune in for some of these exciting games, that young fans will be drawn in for the next generation of baseball, and that offense will pick up (lots of low-scoring games so far) and so will the pace of the game (MLB is setting up a committee and testing new regulations to speed up game action).  For now, we will enjoy the series that just ended and hope that the National Leaguers will follow this up with a good show of their own.

I've been sick all week, but it's nice to have baseball to pass the time with.  These first games of the postseason have certainly been wonderful.  Long live baseball.

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  • Deep Thoughts........

    Has anyone come up with the next Cubs managers name yet?........

    If the Cubs do not sign Lester.....or Shields.......or Masterson......or Scherzer......no free agents at all........what happens to all that money that was suppose to get spent?

    When the construction begins in the clubhouse area, will anyone find that missing Sammy Sosa corked bat?.......

    If the Cubs won five World Series titles in the next eight years, would your life be complete?.........

    If God came to you and you were a male, and God said you had one of two choices in life...... have the Cubs win the only W.S. title for this century ......or to be with Kate Upton for the rest of your life....which one would you choose?

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    I think they'll give this manager a chance first. Pretty sure they'll spend money, but if they get the guys most Cubs fans want and they don't work out, I'm not sure we can complain about it later haha.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    I thought they found Sosa's bat shortly after the event in the suspended ceiling, but, anyway, reports are that Remlinger stashed and later sold it (i.e. Tribune.

    Kate Upton's breasts are too big.

    And since you list names for everything else, it is assumed that Joe Girardi will be available by then. But it is probably more likely that Ryno will take the Phillies to the promised land first. It was never explained why Theo rejected him out of hand.

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