Thou shalt not adjust thy athletic supporter

Thou shalt not adjust thy athletic supporter
I had an itch I needed to scratch...

Here's the news...



Oh wait, there's response to getting 7 games for adjusting one's cup but 25 games for amphetamines...


The Phillies don't seem too sympathetic for their slightly overpaid closer, either.



This is awesome.  Now I never saw the game live, but Jonathan Papelbon doesn't have the sunniest personality (see what I did there?) and it could be that he was just adjusting his cup (look at the angst in his face as he "adjusts," he's clearly uncomfortable, right?) and not gesturing to his adoring public.  He's very likely to get traded but I doubt the Phillies get much in return (big contract and aging player).  It's interesting that the Phillies aren't exactly supporting Papelbon, not that he deserves it, but everyone knows what he is; a guy who still has great peripherals and can usually get the job done in spite of the occasional heart attack.

In a somewhat serious note, Ryan Dempster got suspended only five games for hitting Alex Rodriguez purposely with a pitch last year.  It is an interesting penalty to slap a guy with seven games for essentially adjusting his manhood (even if it was a display of love for the fans) while attempting to injure a player only gets five games, but that's sports justice for ya.

It doesn't sound like Papelbon is appealing the suspension, but it remains to be seen what MLB does to umpire Joe West, who may have initiated contact with and instigated Papelbon...



Joe West has had #umpshow moments before, but umpires usually don't get discipline for being assholes, so we'll see.  In the meantime, I am very intrigued as to how discipline is levied by MLB.  Maybe they figured that fans = money, and money speaks louder than A-Rod getting plunked? Oh, and then there's this...


Sports leaders are funny.


I think the point still stands, if you slap fight with an umpire you get a harsher penalty than if you throw a ball at a guy, but I guess it's cumulative or something since Papelbon bumped two umpires and not just one.  Someone should publish the MLB suspension calculus when it comes to these things.

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  • "a guy who still has great peripherals" is apparently why or what he was trying to convey by adjusting whatever. From the illustration, he was sort of away from the 2 ball count.

    Meanwhile, I suppose Roseanne, whose count is no balls and 2 strikes, can't be suspended by MLB.

    Seriously, I thought the reason for the 5 game suspension for starters was to assure that they missed a start. I don't know how it works for a reliever, who needs to be ready to go to the mound every day, or else take Cialis.

  • In reply to jack:

    There was an interesting point raised on HBT today about how the Phillies could save $13MM (Papelbon's vesting option) if he's unable to finish a certain number of games. This suspension was accepted a bit too happily by Papelbon and the Phillies were a bit fast in supporting MLB's decision as well. I'm not sure how it works for relievers but I imagine he does some bullpens on his own to keep fit.

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    Are you implying that Pap willingly accepted the loss of both the pay for the suspension period plus the bonus for number of saves?

    The only point (other than innuendo) I was trying to make about relievers was the length of the suspension, compared to what a starter usually gets.

  • In reply to jack:

    I don't know why Papelbon would just accept the suspension. I do think that the Phillies have a financial incentive to just let it be, though.

  • Brilliantly stated, sir!

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