The Diamondbacks need a psych evaluation (Updated: McCutchen hurt)

The Diamondbacks need a psych evaluation (Updated: McCutchen hurt)

Once upon a time (actually, about a month and a half ago) we saw the Arizona Diamondbacks do something very very silly because reasons and they lost the game.  You can read that account to see how stupid it was.  Because that's the only word we can use: STUPID.

Tonight, the Diamondbacks lost again.  But they did something a lot worse than lose a baseball game; outside of Arizona (and maybe even within that fan base), they probably lost all kinds of respect from folks throughout baseball.  I suggest you read Matt Snyder's blurb and also check out the videos he embedded.

Yes, we know Paul Goldschmidt got hit by a pitch and is now out for a few weeks with a fractured hand.  It sucks.  Ernesto Frieri is not a very good pitcher anymore and that pitch was almost certainly an accident.  But the reciprocation, where Randall Delgado tossed a baseball right into Andrew McCutchen's spine?  Harder to call that an accident, despite this:


The statement from Delgado is technically correct in that the Diamondbacks have NO CONTROL over their base emotions or integrity here.  Oh my goodness, we're losing badly in the ninth inning (AT HOME), we're so mad and pathetic that we're going to try to break the other team's best player.  Because that's what a fastball to flesh/bone breaks the body in some way, whether it's a minor bruise or a broken bone or concussion.  I didn't see the first two pitches in the sequence, so I had no idea if it was as pathetic as the Ryan Dempster attempt to hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch (where he threw like two or three balls before finally "hitting" his mark).  But it was still mathematically possible for the D'Backs to get McCutchen out and limit the damage.  The Pirates ended up winning the game 8-3.

What's worse is that nobody on the D'Backs bench seemed to show any remorse, and Delgado didn't even have the guts to admit that he did it.  If you're going to play fake tough guy, at least own up to it.  I believe we should applaud the Pirates for being the bigger team, just like the Brewers before them, and brushing this off (albeit painfully) and beating their opponent where it counts: on the scoreboard.

There's something horribly wrong with the entire organizational mindset in Arizona and someone should probably fix it before someone else gets injured.

UPDATE 8/3 6:00 PM: Of course MLB won't take a stand, citing precedent or some crap.



You have to be some special level of stupid to actually need a warning to not throw a high-velocity projectile into someone's back that could potentially paralyze him, and no, I don't think that's an overstatement considering how McCutchen crumbled to the ground. McCutchen left Sunday's game against the Diamondbacks with a left side injury, which may or may not be related to the HBP, so I hope Arizona feels great.

UPDATE 8/5 2:40 PM: I hope the D'Backs feel good about themselves.


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  • Tony LaRussa was supposed to straighten the organization out.

    Hawk (the cross town one) used to get all overwrought about retaliating and ump warnings, but someone must have told him to settle down. It is one thing to hit someone in the buttocks, another to try to cause a back injury.

    The linked article didn't indicate if anyone was tossed, although one from an AZ sports radio station says he was.

  • In reply to jack:

    I think Randall Delgado was the only one ejected. The box score indicates that Gibson was ejected in the second inning for arguing a review, while Delgado was ejected in the 9th for obvious reasons. He therefore did the purpose pitch on his own or was instructed by someone other than Gibson, or indirectly by Gibson. So yeah, the org is messed up.

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    Even if Gibson was in the clubhouse, long gone are the days when the ejected manager stood in the runway and the dugout phones were only used to order pizza. Nothing saying that the bench coach wasn't wearing a bluetooth device, as well as coaching the bench. Anyway, an inquiry should be made of the bench, pitching, and bullpen coaches.

    On some of the replays, it wasn't clear if Delgado was trying to get McCutcheon in the elbow or back, but to get back to my buttocks point, Len said that he certainly got him in the numbers.

  • In reply to jack:

    According to folks who watched the game, Delgado started high and tight and missed (which is good because that might be head-hunting). Delgado then went away with a slider, perhaps to hide his intentions, but then drilled McCutchen right in the spine.

  • Gibson needs to be suspended for a substantial amount of time, like two weeks.

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