Rice goes to Wrigley Field

My father-in-law had never been to an actual baseball game before, so the wife suggested that I take him to a ballgame at Wrigley Field while he was in town.  He was very receptive to the idea (took a ton of pictures too) and had a great time.  I also got to hang out with the boy and my two good friends, one from in town and one visiting from Wisconsin.  If you are inclined to check out the box score, click here.

Because my pops has back and knee problems, we decided to drive to Wrigley Field for the first time since my very first visit to the park over a decade ago.  We found a spot on something called ParkWhiz.  It was fairly easy to do and the spot was like a block west of the park.  To avoid traffic we arrived about 40 minutes before the gates opened.  While it was convenient, it was costly, and if we had to do it over again (since pops was fine) we probably do what we normally do and just bus & El it to the park.  Ah well.

We got to take one circuit around the park before getting into line.  There were retaining walls already set up so the Cubs are likely to start some kind of construction soon despite a lawsuit pending.  My friend, an Orioles fan, sold his Kerry Wood bobblehead to some other guy (for his kid, I guess) for $5 because he didn't care for Cubs stuff, but at least pops got a bobblehead.  The bobblehead was apparently only available to folks 21 and over, so the boy didn't get one, but that was okay because I was going to give mine to him anyway.

We actually saw Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue as the first guy in line for the VIP bleacher entrance, so I guess he gets his choice of seats...

I'm ALMOST tempted to buy a bleachers ticket and camp out at a game before Yellon gets there and race him to that seat before he gets there.  Not worth it though, that seat sucks.

There were some fun times, such as Cubs legend John Baker breaking up the no-hitter with a double and Javier Baez destroying a baseball:

It must have been awesome because even Al celebrated (you can see him!) and Al is usually a joyless wretch.

Ultimately pops had a blast, the Cubs won, and everyone was happy.  Except the Orioles fan.




He'll be fine though, his team has like an 8-game division lead.

Once again, feel free to peruse the gallery (and please be patient, the picture files are kinda big so may take a second or two to load right)...

Oh yeah, after throwing the ball around tonight, I did check the car (I got into a fender-bender that may or may not have been my fault) and I did think the worst at first, but the spider did survive and was busy making his web again.  What a wonderful day.


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  • Awesome.. looks like you had a good time. I am jealous

  • The boy didn't get a bobblehead because this "giveaway" was sponsored by a beer company -- thus they were only available to folks to folks 21 and older.

  • In reply to PANAMALIMITED:

    Bah, he knows to drink responsibly :-P

  • In reply to PANAMALIMITED:

    Probably is, but doesn't make sense. Did the back of the jersey say "312 Bud" instead of "34 Wood?"

    On the main point, it is somewhat surprising that the Cubs stomped the Os after the Sox couldn't hit anything off him, but this time it was the kid pitcher.

    Also, when Baez makes contact, it really goes.

  • In reply to jack:

    Still says "Wood" hehe.

  • In reply to Rice Cube:

    Is the subject the same as that of Thursday's post? The jerseys look very similar.

    And were you expecting the bobblehead to be made of aluminum, or like some mommy blogger in the right pane, to be anatomically correct?

  • Just like Junior Lake shouldn't get batting advice from Gordon Beckham, Anno Catuli shouldn't get legal news from Tweets.

    Although implied in Anno's linked piece, the Tribune was the only source to say that the lawsuit was not against the Cubs and has nothing to do with the contract. Also, as the Tribune first pointed out, the contract says that anything under it has to go to arbitration.

    Also, zoning decisions (other than lack of notice) are not reviewable in court. The only way the rooftop owners have a chance is if there is something nondiscretionary in the Landmarks ordinance, sufficient for the city to withdraw the permits.

    Something similar happened in Deerfield, but that grocery store is open.

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