Kyle Hendricks Pulled from I-Cubs Game (Update-Confirmation of Call Up)

Kyle Hendricks Pulled from I-Cubs Game (Update-Confirmation of Call Up)




Kyle Hendricks appears to be headed to join the Chicago Cubs in Cincinnati. Kyle Hendricks is not on the Cubs 40 man roster, but the Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel trade opened one 40 man roster spot. Tsuyoshi Wada is scheduled to start Tuesday along with Travis Wood. The Cubs have yet to announce the starters for Wednesday and Thursday in Cincinnati. Carlos Villanueva and Chris Rusin would be on normal rest to start on Thursday.* Hendricks threw a mere 31 pitches which would seem to leave him in good shape to start with two days of rest on Wednesday.

Kyle Hendricks has been a fan favorite due to his lack of velocity and ability to pitch. His numbers in Iowa have been excellent in the hitter friendly confines of the Pacific Coast League. Entering into tonight Kyle Hendricks had a 3.58 ERA and 3.17 FIP. His K/9 has increased as he has moved up the ladder sitting a career best 8.31 on the year so far. His manager claimed that Hendricks had drastically increased his velocity stating that he hit 95 consistently throughout the game, but those have been shot down by recent third party reports of him maxing out at 93.

I have been critical of Kyle Hendricks since his acquisition from the Texas Rangers. He has proven me wrong by performing as he has moved up the ladder. His peripherals have actually improved as he increased the level of the competition, but his margin of error is razor thin when he reaches the Majors. Hendricks typically sits in the high 80s or low 90s with his sinking fastball. He throws a cutter, changeup, curveball, and slider that are all average pitches. It is going to be Hendricks command that will make or break his future.

Chris Bosio loves Kyle Hendricks, and Bosio has been a miracle worker maximizing the potential of pitchers in Chicago. Seeing much more than five starter is hard though unless the command is truly special. Either way this is the first cookie Cubs fans have gotten so far. I look forward to the treat which I would guess will arrive on Wednesday.

*In thinking over the situation, and being informed that Villanueva is moving to the pen I should update my prediction for the Wednesday and Thursday starts. Given the roster the rules I think Hendricks will be sent down in a procedural move and Dallas Beeler will get the other start. Hendricks will be called up after the All-Star break, likely with Wada who is required to be sent down after Tuesday. Rusin would be the other option to get the other start before the break, but I have a feeling he might be needed to eat innings during the double header.
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