Have you been to the Cubs' Wrigley Field webpage? It's pretty cool

Have you been to the Cubs' Wrigley Field webpage? It's pretty cool

There's no Cubs baseball (or any baseball for that matter, ugh) until Friday, so that gives us some breathing room to explore what else is going on in the Cubs build for the future.  Conveniently, the Cubs did set up a specific webpage (www.wrigleyfield.com) for their Wrigley Field updates, and you should check it out, it's got pretty pictures and stuff!

Check out the front page graphic:


The only thing missing is Clark the Cubs scaling the marquee with a giant "W" flag in his paws.  So yeah, the Cubs did win approval to start doing stuff to their park (they have to apply for permits now), and it is cause for celebration assuming they actually start the construction soon.  They'll have to start on the Triangle property obviously because there is still baseball being played, but soon after their last series of the year in September, Wrigley proper will get an offseason facelift.  I recommend checking out the cut-rate CGI video on their Wrigley Plan page, the graphics are kind of meh but the way they describe the plan is really exciting.

What is the most interesting to me is on their Updates page, in which the Cubs outline their immediate plan for the summer and for the offseason, pending the securing of permits.  It sounds like they will at the very least expand the walls outward along Waveland and Sheffield, and put up the big screen in left field.  I liked this part:

Finally, as we begin work to restore beautiful Wrigley Field, we hope to avoid litigation and will continue to talk with rooftop businesses to determine if there are opportunities to broker a final settlement. If not, we are prepared to defend our right to expand Wrigley Field.

To which I immediately had this image pop in my head:

Come at me, bro.

Come at me, bro.


The Tribune has an article out today about the Cubs expansion and their potential brush with litigation.  It seems that even though Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney may appear publicly inept, they still know how to do their paperwork and finagle with legalese.

I'm planning a few trips up to Wrigley Field this summer and over the winter to check on the progress, I'm really excited to see how this works out and I look forward to games at Wrigley in 2015.  Not just because of the improved ballpark, of course, but because the team might actually be good again.

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  • The only thing that isn't a political advocacy piece is the video. While the video shows the nicer concessions and home clubhouse, it sure doesn't show how the outfield will look, and doesn't mention the visitors' clubhouse (I remember what Ozzie said about that).

    After seeing Target Field last night, I suppose they didn't want to show the large Budweiser sign in the video (making Wrigley the same as about half of the parks in that regard).

    The mention about the plumbing and electrical brings back Steinbrenner's comment that a new Yankee Stadium could look like the old, but at least the infrastructure would work. I wonder if Ricketts thought about that.

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