Grit and the Unwritten Rules

Grit and the Unwritten Rules

This is a rare non-Cubs blog for us, but I was eating my Oreos with milk and scrolling through Twitter while following baseball games when this happened in the Milwaukee Brewers-Arizona Diamondbacks game with Ryan Braun at the plate...


That would be Evan Marshall, and apparently this happened soon after the ejection as well...!


I gotta say...I have absolutely no idea what Ryan Braun did.  I don't know why DBacks manager Kirk Gibson decided to call for the intentional plunking (it's gotta be intentional, right?) with his TEAM IN THE LEAD.  Not only that, but the plunking loaded the bases in front of Jonathan Lucroy, who is no slouch.  In the history of dumb machismo, this has to rank way up there.  And of course, this happened...



Goodbye lead.

I mean...what was the point of the message here?  Let's start with the fact that the OFFICIAL TWITTER of the Arizona Diamondbacks emphasized that the pitcher left to a standing ovation, which not only shows the misplaced priorities of the team's fans but belies an organization-wide issue with enforcement of unwritten rules and sending messages other than the one that matters on the scoreboard.  Not that it's okay at any time to launch a dangerous projectile at someone with intention to injure, but they couldn't have picked a worse time to send whatever message they were hoping to convey.

Good on Braun for taking his base.  Good on Lucroy for sending the proper message.  Boo on the Diamondbacks and their fans for being, for lack of a better word, stupid.  They got what they deserved.

UPDATE 6/18 10:15 AM: I finally saw the video...

Based on what I saw, it appeared that Kyle Lohse had no intention of throwing the first pitch that far inside and up. He was noticeably angry with himself and even Lucroy came out to make sure the batter was okay. The next pitch in the sequence was a breaking ball that got away. Honestly if you're going to intentionally hit a guy, you don't throw a breaking ball, you throw a 90-mph fastball at his ribs. I mean, maybe Kirk Gibson has forgotten more baseball than I will ever learn but from my point of view I have no idea what the hell he was looking at.

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  • Other than your internal debate whether it was intentional, one would say general principles.

    Maybe the tweet about the ovation is because Diamondbacks fans have nothing else to cheer. New signal from the LaRussa administration?

  • In reply to jack:

    I'd have to say that their principles are misguided then.

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