Wrigley expansion plans possibly hitting a speedbump already

Wrigley expansion plans possibly hitting a speedbump already
Is there a way to re-section each seating area so the poles aren't right in front of a seat?

Within the past week we have learned that Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is going full-steam ahead with the Wrigley Field renovation/expansion, pending the approval from the city on June 5.  We think this is a good thing, obviously, because the players need better facilities.  The pictures look pretty.  And the cool idea with the new bullpen even has the current pitchers excited.

It seems, however, that the new bullpen (among other possible items) may not be completely kosher with the Mayor's Office:




Well isn't that a funsucker.

I heard on the radio today (it was a music channel and not a news channel so who knows if the DJs had their stories straight) that Tom Ricketts is still keeping the "move the Cubs" ace card up his sleeve, but I can't find any recent articles suggesting that is legitimate (EDIT: Okay, I just glazed over it, but...they probably won't move or have to move anyway).  I also don't think the Cubs have the leverage to move the team out of Wrigley Field anyway.  At the same time, the Mayor's Office and even Alderman Tom Tunney have begged the Cubs to start construction already, so this is probably just posturing and no more than a minor hiccup on the long road towards a Jumbotron in left field.  It is still something that we should keep an eye on, however.

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    Why can't we have competent ownership? Is that too much to ask?

  • In reply to JimL:

    It'd probably help if the ballpark didn't have a bajillion strings attached to it.

  • Stay away from Twitter and read the news. The Sun-Times had a complete breakdown of the Kenney news conference, including whether the bullpen change could be rammed through the Landmarks Commission, and a threat to move somewhere else in Chicago if the Cubs couldn't get complete control, although that isn't the current intent. I recommended elsewhere a domed stadium at 59th and Halsted.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah, I saw that, thanks! I'm only passing this along because Dave Kaplan usually does have good "sources" and at the very least it's information that should be considered. My feeling is that it's just random posturing by people in power, nothing too crazy, but again, worth keeping an eye on.

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