Of Cubs and Jays

Of Cubs and Jays

I'm kind of spitballing a bit here, but there have been a number of small news nuggets coming out that made me ponder the various scenarios surrounding one Jeff Samardzija.

Previously, Cubs Den had suggested that the Toronto Blue Jays would be an ideal trade partner with the Cubs, since they were competitive in the American League East at the time and the Cubs were scouting top pitching prospect Marcus Stroman.  This was before the Jays decided that they didn't want to win anymore, including dropping a couple of games to the Pittsburgh Pirates over the weekend.  The Jays' slide is doubly annoying because the Pirates remain percentage points ahead of the Cubs in the standings, though both are virtually tied for last place in the National League Central.  Of course, I don't believe that the Pirates will stay in the cellar forever, but as the Cubs rebuild, us Cubs fans need some random rays of sunshine here and there.

The Blue Jays' slide, plus injuries to players like Brandon Morrow, have prompted them to call up Stroman (putting him in the bullpen at first which seemed to anger a lot of people on Twitter, but upon further reflection it might not be all bad) as well as generating a rumor that they may be willing to move Mark Buehrle (among others) during the summer trade season if Toronto continues to fade.  A sell-off seems to counter a potential willingness to trade for a top-of-the-rotation arm like Samardzija, though the Jays may consider retooling with a younger arm in Samardzija while cultivating their own in-house talent.

For the time being, teams that may have been desperate such as the Braves are doing well with their rotation right now.  While Dodgers starter Hyun-Jin Ryu (another Cubs miss, as it were) is going to undergo tests on his shoulder per Jon Heyman, their rotation is pretty solid and some guy named Clayton Kershaw is coming back.  So until more pitchers go down or some desperation sets in, I don't see a guy like Jeff Samardzija going anywhere just yet.  So I wonder if the Cubs wouldn't just be better off extending the guy this coming offseason.  Baseball season being only a sixth of the way done, though, there's still plenty of time for us to speculate about the eventual fate of our favorite Musketeer.

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  • With Jeff pitching so great I think now is the time to trade him
    only if we get want we need

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    That's the plan, my man. I think they should try to extend him still, but if the demands are unreasonable it might not be a bad idea to trade him and then try to sign him again as a free agent. Double-dip, as it were.

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