Saturday Highlights: Where Anthony Rizzo Murders Baseballs

Saturday Highlights: Where Anthony Rizzo Murders Baseballs

The Cubs just defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 8-0.  The offensive barrage brought their run differential to -9, which befits that of a .500-ish team, but of course the Cubs are still sniffing the entire MLB cellar and are in the driver's seat for the top pick next year.  But that's neither here nor there.

No, we have to appreciate the majesty that is Anthony Rizzo's golf swing.  Rizzo pretty much won the offensive game by himself (Jason Hammel obviously helped, along with Justin Grimm and Pedro Strop and the Cubs' defense, in recording a shutout).  Rizzo slammed two 2-run megaton bombs to the second deck in right field at Miller Park.  Absolutely no doubt they were gone if fair (they were fair), and pretty awesome to see.  That would be ten homers for Mr. Rizzo in the victory, four runs batted in, and Rizzo 4, Brewers 0 for those of you scoring at home.

Let's bask in the glory of these moonshots.


...and #2 is unembeddable right now, but oh lawdy do I have the vapors.

Rubber match tomorrow.

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  • Run differential? Not as important as wins-losses differential.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Of course not. Just a really weird quirk of a bad team.

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