Wrigley at 100: Random Musings

Wrigley at 100: Random Musings
Aptly dressed fan (David Banks, Getty Images)

Item One on Wrigley Field's 100th birthday, as the Cubs celebrated with cupcakes, old-timey costumes, throwback uniforms and the like...

Where's Sammy Sosa?

According to Cubs officials, Sammy "has some work to do before being welcomed back by the organization."

"There are some things Sammy needs to look at and consider prior to having an engagement with the team," Cubs spokesman Julian Green said.

Sources indicate one thing Sosa has to do is make amends with some former teammates for his actions at the end of his Cubs career.

I guess they are leaving open the possibility of him coming back to celebrate the 100th year of Cubs baseball in 2016, but first Sammy has to apologize for, uh, something.  I'm not really sure what he has to apologize for.  Hitting too many home runs?  Leaving work early on a day he didn't have to play anyway?  Cubs politics are weird.  But hey, if Sammy gives the token apology (that I don't think he really has to make, you know, because he hit a bajillion home runs and was literally the ONLY reason to watch the Cubs for half a decade)...maybe they'll bring him back and retire his number after all.  At least Junior Lake represented the number 21 well today with a sweet catch.

Item Two...

Can you believe it?  MLB commissioner Bud Selig is sticking up for the Cubs.  It'd be nice if he would also stick up for the Oakland A's so they can move out of their shithole (literally) of a stadium, or Tampa Bay so they can, you know, actually get some people to a ballpark near them, but this is really cool to see.

Commissioner Bud Selig came out swinging Wednesday on behalf of the Ricketts family, which he believes is being treated unfairly by the Chicago media in their battle with rooftop owners.

Selig said he’ll do “whatever is legally” possible to help the Cubs get their $300 million ballpark renovation plan underway.

In a storyline that has dragged on way too long, it's nice that the most powerful man in baseball (even if he's sort of a lame duck commissioner, getting set to retire after next season) will side with the Cubs, just as most Cubs fans and fans of baseball are doing as well.

Referring to the rooftop owners making money off the Cubs' product, Selig said he said he looks at “a lot of things over the walls, and that’s all I’ll say.”

“This is a team trying to stay in this historic setting in a really tough economic environment, trying to modernize without disturbing the tradition, trying to build a competitive baseball team,” he continued. “And I said… I think they’re doing it. But you can’t impose conditions on them that nobody else has, because nobody else has those (conditions).”

There are a lot of really good bits in that piece by Paul Sullivan as he aggregated all of Selig's press conference comments.  Selig expressed a lot of confidence in the Ricketts ownership group.  Selig basically said everything that the Ricketts family and Cubs officials can't say point blank about the crappy situation they were in vis-a-vis the rooftops, and boy was it refreshing!

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