Cubs Draft/IFA Spending Pool for 2014

Cubs Draft/IFA Spending Pool for 2014

Jim Callis, formerly of Baseball America and now working for, recently released the draft and international free agency slot values for MLB clubs.  The slots increased 1.7% over last year's values.  For the Cubs:

2014 MLB Draft
Rank          # of picks          Total pool
6. Cubs           10                   $8,352,200

2014-2015 International Pool
Rank                                       Total pool
4. Cubs                                   $3,962,700

There is a caveat with the Cubs' international spending, though:

Because they overspent by more than 15 percent in the 2013-14 period, the Rangers and Cubs can’t sign a player for more than $250,000 in the 2014-15 period. (The bonus limit was slightly lower in the penalties for 2013-14.)

The Cubs only have 10 picks because they didn't have any free agents worthy of a qualifying offer this past offseason, and were not eligible to receive competitive balance picks.  As Callis stated, because they spent out the wazoo last year to get guys like Eloy Jimenez and Gleyber Torres as well as Jen-Ho Tseng, Chicago is now bound by the new collective bargaining agreement's spending limitations.  I believe that Theo Epstein and friends are more likely to trade away some of their bonus pool for prospects than to just snag as many $250K-or-below talent with the money allotted. As for the Rule 4 Draft in June, with $8,352,200 to spend, the Cubs can actually spend up to $8,769,810 without forfeiting future picks.  They would get taxed for the overage at a 75% rate but that's chickenfeed to pay as long as they are able to sign all their picks.  You can check out the draft board at Through the Fence Baseball to get an idea of who the Cubs are likely to pick at #4.

Honestly, I just needed to write something since the Cubs are currently in the 15th inning and nobody seems to want to score, maybe this changes by tomorrow (yeah, it did change, Cubs

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