Dreamcast 39: We're all a bunch of Hacks

Dreamcast 39: We're all a bunch of Hacks

Hey guys, we're back!

This week, we talk a bit more about the Detroit Tigers' shortstop situation and the implications it could have for Darwin Barney, who is slowly getting squeezed out of the Cubs' infield picture.

We talk about pitcher protection in the wake of the Aroldis Chapman accident.  Thankfully Chapman is fine, but there needs to be some improvement that will allow pitchers to be comfortable while offering them as much protection as possible without taking away from their regular job duties.

We talk about the Dodgers and Diamondbacks playing half a world away in Australia and how that really messes with the players as well as with the main fan base for MLB.  We segued to actual Cubs Opening Day and we talk a bit about the construction of the roster.

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