Clark the Cub & His No Pants. Pants-Gate has Been Born!

Clark the Cub & His No Pants. Pants-Gate has Been Born!

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs introduced a brand new mascot named Clark the Cub. Clark is said to be the great grand son of the team's original mascot from 1916, which was a live bear. While there are many fans who are upset over the addition of an official mascot, for a variety of reason, I have to say one of their complaints is more absurd and ridiculous than any of the others I have heard about him.

The fact that fans are wasting time complaining about Clark's lack of pants is quite laughable. You would think that they would have more important things to do throughout the day instead of telling Clark to put on some pants, but no, that is what they are most concerned about with the addition of the newest member of the Cubs family.

Some fans are wondering why the Cubs spent time and money creating a new mascot when they could have just went down to Iowa and promoted their mascot from Triple A, who is also a costumed bear. But there is one issue with him that might not sit well with Cub fans. Like with Clark, he is not wearing any pants.


I can imagine the outrage he would get since he is also not wearing any pants. But then again, he is in the minor leagues and fans might not have known that he is also a costumed bear who is not wearing pants. After all, how often do you hear about or see pictures of a mascot for the Cubs minor league team?

But okay, let's stick a little closer to home. You have all seen Cubbie Bear walking around Wrigley Field with his tip bucket posing for pictures with fans who are willing to help him fill his bucket. While Cubbie Bear is not affiliated with the Cubs in any manor, he does want to be. He has gained popularity and has fans lining up to take pictures with him. He is actually well loved by some of the fans of the Cubs. But there is a problem with Cubbie Bear. He is also not wearing any pants.


Perhaps it is just the Cubs, and their fans who have a perverted no pants wearing mascot. There are four if you count their original Bear mascot. How do I know he was not wearing any pants? Try putting pants on a live bear and see if you live.

But, there is one more mascot in Chicago who is not wearing any pants. His name is Staley, and he is the official mascot of the Chicago Bears. He is a tough looking Bear who does not take any crap. Fans love him, but again, he is not wearing any pants.


Okay, maybe Chicago just has a fascination with having mascots who do not wear any pants. After all, you have plenty of mascots who are naked from below the waist.

Actually, there are plenty of other mascots around sports who are also not wearing any sports.

Look at the famous Wisconsin Badger

Big 10 Championship Game - Wisconsin v Michigan State

Look at the Detroit Tigers' mascot Paws!


Over in Baltimore, their Oriole mascot is completely naked! Oh my, what outrage they must be having!


The Anaheim Mighty Ducks mascot "Wild Wing" is also without pants. I would say that is more frightening since he is on ice. Come on guys, you know what I mean.


My last two mascots might be two of the more popular mascots in the world of sports. The Philly Phanatic!


The world famous San Diego Chicken!


Look at both of them. Neither one is wearing pants. Yet, the only people I have heard complaining about a mascot not wearing pants are the fans of my beloved Cubs. So what if Clark is not wearing any pants. What difference does that make when I have just given you a handful of other famous mascots who do not wear any pants. I am sorry if you disagree, but come on. Complaining about Clark's lack of pants is ridiculous.

I leave you with one of the most beloved childhood character history. See if you can notice what he is not wearing.



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  • Fredbird is also a pants less mascot

  • Sam the Eagle once railed against nudity, and then realized that he had nothing under his feathers. I suppose the same goes for the Chicken,. the Oriole, the Mighty Duck, and Donald Duck.

    Anyway, there are reports of an anatomically correct Clark out there, and Southpaw wears a full uniform.

    I'm still surprised that the Cubs are not using their usual mascots, Harry and Ron.

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