Baseball Hall of Fame: Whats Next?

Baseball Hall of Fame: Whats Next?

Yesterday, we took a look at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and how frustrations were starting to come out from some of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Unfortunately, there will likely not be any change in the voting procedures for quite some time; especially not after they voted in three players to the Hall of Fame on their very first ballot. Those writers who are looking for change will probably have to wait even longer since next year you could once again see at least three players being voted into the Hall of Fame.

I am not sure if you have taken a sneak peak at who is eligible for election next year but once again there is a pretty solid class of candidates who are eligible for the first time. The three most notable players on the ballot for next year are Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz. In my opinion, they should all be first ballot Hall of Fame players. Another player who might get a lot of votes next year is Gary Scheffield, who is also eligible for the very first time in 2015. My opinion is that these are the only four players who are eligible for the first time that will make the Hall of Fame at some point before dropping off the ballot.

There are some other players who will get votes for sure, like Jermaine Dye, Carlos Delgado and Nomar Garciaparra, but I highly doubt any of them will ever get enough votes to make the Hall of Fame. They were all very good players, but I am not sure that they would ever be considered Hall of Fame members. They were good, but they were not great.

Adding to Johnson, Smoltz and Martinez I believe that Craig Biggio will finally get enough votes to earn his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. The only things I can imagine that could once again stand in his way are the writers who continue to hold a grudge against anyone who played baseball during the "steroid era" and withhold their vote from Biggio and the three first timers who should be locks to enter into the Hall of Fame.

The other thing that could once again stand in his way, is this is once again a very strong class with three pitchers who dominated baseball during their careers. They may take all the attention away from Biggio who should get as much respect as the others but, despite falling just two short votes shy of enshrinement may once again get the shaft from the voters who may not want to overwhelm the day by having too many players getting the call.

Despite the star studded talent coming out in next years class, I cannot see any way that Biggio is passed over again. Next year, there should very easily be four players who receive enough votes.

As far as Mike Piazza, he is far enough away that he will likely once again miss out on getting the call, but should eventually get elected in to Baseball's Hall of Fame. Maybe even in 2016 as there is only really one player eligible for the first time who I would consider a real Hall of Fame player, and that is Ken Griffy Jr. who is also a first ballot lock, or at least should be.

With three players getting in this year, and quite possibly up to four next year, there is no reason the Baseball Hall of Fame will think they need to change the way the voting is handled.

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