The New Year Cometh

The New Year Cometh

We bid 2013 adieu and say hello to 2014 in a few short hours.  Maybe something interesting will happen in the world of Cubs baseball before 2013 is kaput, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  The resolutions for the team are probably going to be the same as last year's (headlined with a tongue-in-cheek "Make it to the postseason" and maybe a "Win the World Series"), bold and unrealistic as New Year's resolutions usually are.  For myself and my family, we're just going to stay the course.

This post doesn't have a lot of baseball content but as a family we all like baseball to differing extents (I'm obviously the baseball nut of the crew).  I'm speaking of my own nuclear family, not the WSD family, though I like those guys (and gal) plenty.  If you want baseball content, the new guy wrote up a pretty good piece on the Cubs' pitching depth.  For the rest of you, here's a story about life, consistency and love.

Today is the anniversary of when my wife and I got married.  We're a wacky couple with a seriously weird sense of humor, and we do things in unorthodox fashion, to put things lightly.  Nine years ago today, she was eight months pregnant, so I kept joking that we had to seal the deal soon or our baby was going to go to Hell.  We had been engaged for over a year, but life kept getting in the way and we couldn't figure out the planning that well.  As luck would have it, a couple of our dear friends visited us that year to spend the holidays, and my wife's neighbor across the street was an ordained minister (of this church, you may have heard of it), and through a perfect storm of events, we just decided to do it that night.  It was delightfully ghetto and perfect at the same time.  And our baby, born about a month later, wasn't going to Hell.

In retrospect, as we've thought every year since we moved to Chicago away from most of our family, getting married on New Year's Eve was probably not the greatest idea.  For one thing, it's damned near impossible to find a babysitter on this day because everyone just wants to go out and perform silly human tricks to celebrate another trip around the sun.  But it's not so bad because we have a nice family night where we hang out and play games while the ball drops on TV, and it's like the entire world is celebrating with us.  Maybe one of these years we'll foist the kid on one of his friends so we can do our own silly human tricks, but tonight we intend to go out to Chinatown and dine well.  Hopefully she likes the gift the boy and I got for her, hehe.

Happy New Year to all of you who have been following our blog, and here's to many more.  Now I'm gonna go get ready to bug the wife.

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