Post Moe-Tum Blues

Post Moe-Tum Blues

Today has been a sad day in my baseball world. The big news, for us at World Series Dreaming at least, was that we have lost one of bloggers to another fine Chicago Now blog. I honestly predicted this move last night when I read that John Arguello was officially looking for help for his fine blog. The match was obvious in my head immediately, but it is still tinged with sadness that I have lost a kindred spirit. I learned a lot from Mauricio Rubio, and the combined passion for baseball and Star Trek: The Next Generation made all of the various chats extremely enjoyable for me the past couple of years. Like a future role 3 player stuck in advanced A ball that I am, I have to bid farewell to the future role 6 player making his way to the big leagues. Or you can use Rice's analogy in his goodbye post over at No matter the baseball metaphor you use to describe the situation it has been an honor to be able to call Mauricio Rubio a colleague the past year, and if you aren't following him @MRubio52 you should have done that a long time ago.

The sadness for me continues when one of my favorite players is likely to be traded in the relative near future. Now nothing is set in stone, but the tea leaves certainly point to Jeff Samardzija being traded this offseason. I've described a bit in the past why I am so drawn to Jeff Samardzija as the player here and here. Beyond his abilities, Shark reminds me of the era of Cubs that really helped make me a baseball first guy. I recall coming home from crappy college jobs to watch video taped games of Mark Prior, Juan Cruz, Carlos Zambrano, Kerry Wood, etc. I often found myself fast forwarding through the Cubs at bats to watch the incredible things that those players could do with a baseball. Samardzija is one of those pitchers that I simply love to watch the incredible things that he can make a baseball do in sixty feet and six inches.

The trade ultimately might be the best thing that happens to the Chicago Cubs. While many point to the Cubs needing a Jayson Werth type signing, I've often believed that the Cubs need a Mark Texieria trade more. The names being bandied about out there have the potential to have that type of impact on the future of this franchise.

Or it could all blow up in typical Cubs fashion. Either way we here at World Series Dreaming will press on sharing in the misery and hopefully eventual celebration that is Cubs fandom. This post is actually the two hundredth post we have made at Chicago Now, which Mauricio Rubio was instrumental in setting up for us. So while we bid Mauricio Rubio a fond so long and thanks for all the fish, we will continue to do the things we promised here. While we can't fill the massive #rig void that he has left, there will be plenty of #sparkle and #want to be found here moving forward.

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