Late Night Manager Thoughts

Late Night Manager Thoughts

I've been out most of the week.  Thankfully, I was able to catch the World Series clincher, where the Boston Red Sox (thanks to the Theo Epstein/Ben Cherington braintrust) dispatched the St. Louis Cardinals in six games.  I also was able to catch up on some random news.  One of the biggest bits of news revolves around whom the Cubs will choose to lead the major league squad on the baseball field.

Today, we found out that (according to Major League "sources," at least) Brad Ausmus was being interviewed for the Cubs manager vacancy.  This was a few days after Dave Kaplan regaled Twitter with his own thoughts on the subject.  It sure must be nice to have actual sources (whether real or conjured in the mindscape).  Anyway, I don't think I've ever heard anything terrible about Brad Ausmus.  However, every single prospective candidate that has been mentioned so far has been met with varying responses from "Meh" to "O HELL NAW."  Moe already wrote about this last week when the search was continuing through the playoffs.  I also wrote about this a couple seasons ago when the Cubs fired Mike Quade and were about to hire Dale Sveum.

Basically it boils down to this...and by "this," I mean the following bullet points:

  • Is the guy smart?
  • Is the guy respected?
  • Is the guy a good babysitter?
  • Is the guy capable of making decisions under pressure?
  • Is the guy going to break all the prospects?

Etc etc...and the answer to most of these questions so far is, "I don't know."  We can speculate, which is what fans love to do because we're not going all in like the guys who cut the checks are.  But honestly, we simply don't know how the manager is going to perform until he gets the job and starts working at it.  We don't know if he'll become Earl Weaver or Ned Yost.  But we should trust that the guys who put Terry Francona in charge might just know what they're doing.  It may or may not be Brad Ausmus.  But it certainly won't be Terry won't be Joe Maddon or Joe Girardi, either.  All the established managers are either attached to a good team already, or retired/dead.  So we're going to have to start from scratch.  Similarly as with prospects, Cubs fans (and I guess fans in general) hate the idea of the unknown.  But everyone had to start somewhere.  Think of it this way...if nobody had given Tony La Russa a chance since he wasn't "established," or because he "failed" since he got fired for sucking as the White Sox skipper in the later seasons there, who would've led the A's and Cardinals to pennants and championships?  It is possible that someone else could have done it too.  But I guess we'll never know.

Whoever the Cubs hire, maybe we should give the guy a chance.  We have no idea what he's going to be capable of until he writes the lineups and makes reliever decisions.  Let's see what happens.

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