Prepare for your new manager, Mr. Rick Renteria (UPDATE: Contract Details)

Prepare for your new manager, Mr. Rick Renteria (UPDATE: Contract Details)

We have been in limbo for a bit since the Cubs fired Dale Sveum and were just biding their time until the World Series ended.  We've seen the Cubs lose out on Brad Ausmus and Torey Lovullo (possibly due to the Red Sox assholishly exercising their contractual rights), and now we're waiting for Thursday.



Gordon Wittenmeyer seems to agree:


So now we ask, "Who is this guy?"

To find out, let's go to the internet!  Not that our opinion matters that much, because at this point, most managerial candidates aren't going to have a great track record anyway.

According to the always-trustworthy (tongue-in-cheek) Wikipedia, Rick Renteria has managed at the minor league level in both the Marlins and the Padres system prior to being promoted to a major league coach for the Padres in 2008.  He became bench coach in 2011 and managed Team Mexico in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.  I guess he has enough immersion in baseball to know what he's doing.  Plus he looks like the goofy old neighbor who lets you borrow his power tools every now and then.  Seems like a friendly fellow.

We have to wait for the officially official announcement tomorrow, but this is about as concrete of a sign of the new manager as we're going to get unless something really strange happens within the next 36 hours or so.


We've been hearing from various sources on the interwebs that the likely candidate is Renteria, and that the holdup was due to his hip surgery and his relative inability to travel to Chicago.  Now that's done with, as we have this:



The reporter says it, it probably means it's true. Congratulations (most likely) to Mr. Renteria.



I mean, it's pretty much official now, he's got a contract and everything!



That's three guaranteed, plus two extra if he doesn't suck. Looks like the Cubs plan to keep this one around.

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