Baseball America's top 10 Cubs' prospects

Baseball America's top 10 Cubs' prospects

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Friend of the blog Craig Goldstein told me about Baseball America's top 10 Cubs' prospect rankings before I had a chance to look at them. The list can be found here and it's free to view.

I think that the general consensus among people who care about MiLB rankings is that Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Albert Almora comprise the Cubs' top three prospects. In my mind you can make the case that either of those three deserves top billing. I frequently go back and forth between them all, right now Bryant reigns supreme in my baseball heart but that can change as early as tomorrow.

I'm kind of like that sometimes.

If you clicked the link (you should) then you know that they have Baez, Bryant and then C.J. Edwards at the top.

Baseball America does great work on a consistent basis, they have a dedicated staff of writers and talent evaluators that work dilligently on their prospect lists. I'm sure they have a very well reasoned argument for why Edwards is so high, I just disagree with the notion.

I like Edwards, I think he's a live arm with some good upside and a dreamy ceiling but I can't see ranking him over Almora or Jorge Soler. I don't think he's the Cubs' third best prospect.

While we're here, I also disagree with ranking Pierce Johnson over Arismendy Alcantara. This is a somewhat minor quibble as both are players whose projected likely outcomes isn't anything to write home about but I'd rather have Alcantara over Johnson given the choice. I think Alcantara can be a useful player in the majors; I think Pierce Johnson ends up as a back of the rotation type pitcher.

Prospect lists are easy to disagree with, visions of the future vary from person to person and Baseball America has a lot more experience with this type of thing than I do. I greatly respect the work they do, I just strongly disagree with the Cubs list.

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