The Ultimate Thank You

The Ultimate Thank You

Today's ChicagoNow Blogathon topic is appropriate:

Write about a time you helped someone, or a time that you received help.

Well, I always need a little bit of help here and there (I have issues) so that's not too tough to write about.  On the cusp of another Boston Red Sox World Series title (maybe), we here at World Series Dreaming have a lot of people to thank to help get us off the ground from our simple Facebook page all the way to our original blog at, and now here at ChicagoNow.  Nobody can build an audience without tons of help, and at the end of another MLB season (albeit another with no Cubs victory, boo), let's do a run down...

  • Thanks to Keegan Rush, the proprietor of, for helping us establish an internet presence in the first place.  Without him doing most of the initial legwork, none of us Luddites would know how to set up a website/domain/whatever.  Big props.
  • Thanks to Julie DiCaro of Aerys Sports and coordinator here at ChicagoNow for inviting us to join the gang.  It's helped establish a bigger audience for us and we are very grateful for the opportunity and the interactions.
  • Thanks to the other authors at World Series Dreaming for always being there for good baseball conversations and general silliness.  Thanks especially to Ivy for doing the game recaps during a fun-bad season; to Dabynsky for writing whenever he feels like it; to Anno for footing the bill; and to Moe for doing tech guy stuff even though he's not really a tech guy (still smrter than me), and who set up our Dreamcast.
  • Thanks to everyone who has ever interacted or commented on our blogs or on Facebook.  The conversations are always enlightening and help us generate blog ideas and rethink our positions.

It is because of all of you, and our overall passion as Cubs fans, that the Dream stays alive.  Here's to next year.

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