Ryan Sweeney gets (sorta) paid

Ryan Sweeney gets (sorta) paid

Y'know, work plus life plus the Cubs not being in the playoffs means that we haven't had a lot to say lately, but today we got some news via the interwebs.  I'll just point you to the Obstructed View quick take, which has Bob Nightengale's tweets about the just-Twittered Ryan Sweeney deal.

The relevant details:

  • $1.5MM in 2014, $1.5MM in 2015
  • Option for $2.5MM in 2016 (not sure if team, player, or mutual), $500K buyout
  • $3.5MM total guaranteed, $5.5MM possible if the entire contract is exercised

A few quick thoughts from our end:

  1. This is a splendid, low-cost/medium-reward kind of deal.  This is much cheaper than the deal the Cubs gave David DeJesus and also is on par with the contract the Cubs signed Reed Johnson to prior to his trade to Atlanta last season.
  2. Ryan Sweeney is younger than either DeJesus or Reed, is a better defender (capable of playing center field better, anyway) and punishes right-handed pitching.  He also has decent on-base skills.
  3. This seems designed to be a 4th outfielder type of signing which suggests that other options may be brought in to start.  If the Cubs are going to use Sweeney as a regular, it's not the end of the world, but that would be a sign that the road to contention goes through 2015, not 2014.

And for the ladies (admit it!) this gives you additional eye candy.  Look at those dreamy eyes.  Along with Kris Bryant (who hopefully is only a season or two away), tons of stuff to watch even if you're not a baseball fan.  /end sexism

Well played, Cubs.


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