Some Sports Fan(s) Need to Fix Their Priorities

Some Sports Fan(s) Need to Fix Their Priorities

Today, we learned that Anthony Rizzo is the Chicago Cubs nominee for the Roberto Clemente award. He was given this honor because of his charity work, most notably for his Anthony Rizzo Foundation. Because he is a Childhood Cancer survivor, he devotes a lot of his time to helping children who are also affected by the dreaded disease. This is a very noble cause, and he is representing the Cubs well showing that he cares about something more than his own career. Cub fans should be proud to have a player with such high morals and character on their ball club.

Unfortunately, not all Cub fans feel that he should be spending time doing anything but playing baseball. Unfortunately, there is at least one fan who would rather see Rizzo devote more time to baseball instead of his charity work. This was discovered when a tweet went out talking about Rizzo and his charity work which featured a picture of himself with some of the children in his charity.

Rizzo Attacker
I get that there are Cub fans who are getting anxious about the Cubs lack of success. Fans can get impatient with the Cubs lack of winning a World Series in 105 years and demand their players, management and owners do something to improve upon the current situation their team is in. After all, being a fan of a team that cannot win a World Series is very frustrating , as is being called the doormat for all of baseball. Fans do not like getting laughed at by fans of every other team around the league due to their lack of success. We all want the Cubs to win a World Series sometime soon, which I fully believe they will. But seriously? Telling a player to spend more time playing a game instead of doing something that actually matters?

I commend Rizzo and anyone else who uses their celebrity status to do charity work for a cause that is important to them. The work they do for these important causes are vastly more important than a game that will not have a meaningful impact on anyone’s life.

While we at World Series Dreaming have fun with the Cubs, their success and failures, all we do is for entertainment. We strive to not only to entertain our followers, but also ourselves. That being said, we realize that there are some things in life that are vastly more important than the game of baseball, and sports in general. Some sports fans really need to gain some perspective and realize what is really important in life. In the grander scheme of things, sports should rank towards the bottom of the list of what should be important and what should not. After all, Rizzo plays a game for our entertainment. Telling him how to spend his time off of the field, and telling him that his work with Childhood Cancer is not as important as a game is absurd.

Apparently, there is at least one Cubs fan who disagrees. I would have hoped that he was joking with his initial tweet to Rizzo, but his response to me shows that he meant what he said. His thoughts, I am afraid, are likely shared by some other fans of teams of all sports. Some fans only care about the results on the field, and not about real life issues these players go through and devote their time too. Quite sad that is how these fans decide to order their priorities.

So, congratulations Bar Stool Sports. You have one heck of a guy writing for you. Not only do you have someone who does not care about humanity working for you and representing your site, he is also a complete homophobic person, as you can see by tweet in response to me. I bet you are proud to have such a class act representing your site.


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  • The charitable contribution are noble and time worthy.

    All the time he spends in bars, not so much.

  • In reply to Vinny:

    I'm sure we'll commend you when you spend all your time being charitable and not being at home relaxing after a long day at work.

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