Cubs Attendance Issues

Cubs Attendance Issues

I recently went to Wrigley Field for the final time this season on Sunday and had a good time despite the loss.  Today, the Cubs actually won a game, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates while helping the St. Louis Cardinals inch closer to the National League Central division title.  How about them apples?

As noted by Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, the Cubs avoided extending their club record of suck to 51 losses, finishing with a 2013 home record of 31-50.  The fans still came out, but not nearly as much as before, topping out Wrigley's sales at 2,642,682 paid (and much less who actually showed up).  This is, as stated by many including Rogers, the worst season total since Sammy Sosa murdered baseballs in 1998.

Is it really all abysmal?  Well, this total is significantly smaller than last year's Wrigley crowd (including the no-shows) but according to ESPN's attendance tracker, it's actually middle of the pack.  The pathetic Cubs actually drew more than a lot of playoff-bound or still-contending teams, which probably says more about those teams' fans than Cubs fans.  I realize that ticket prices haven't dropped for a while, but they haven't really gone up either since the Ricketts restructured their deals.  And if the Cubs can sell 30000+ seats per game, why do they have any incentive to lower prices significantly?  Also, they need some revenue in order to eventually buy all the free agents like some fans wish they would.

I guess at some point in the future, the Cubs should be reloaded and set to contend again.  Then the bandwagoners will jump back on, and we'll have three million-plus at Wrigley again.  In the meantime, all that legroom was definitely appreciated.  I like to lounge.


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