Dreamcast 27 - Mouth full of meat

Dreamcast 27 - Mouth full of meat

For this Dreamcast we had Craig Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus join us since Rice was dying of Ebola. We answered some emails and talked to Brad Cook of OOTP Baseball about his companies baseball simulation game.

We then talked about regression to the mean and how it pertains to some young talent like Yasiel Puig, Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo. We talked about how player progression is totally non-linear and we brought up some guys who had hiccups in their careers like Robin Yount and Alan Trammell.

From there we focused on the issues some fans have with the rebuilding project and try to explain what it is the Cubs are trying to do (btw, listen to this podcast from Keith Law as well, he had McLeod on as a guest).

We then talked about dating etiquette and then I asked a coed softball team chemistry question that strangely got cut off.

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