Not for lack of effort

Not for lack of effort

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the Cubs, who are terrible this year (not as terrible as last year, but still pretty bad).  Despite being outclassed by their opponents, particularly in their own division, they still try their best.  The effort that fans harp on, because they don't perceive what I do, is there.  The manager, Dale Sveum, makes sure that all his players are accountable and are prepared as well as he knows how.  That might not mean much, but I think if you pay attention, you can see the effort in these Cubs.  That should translate to later years when (hopefully) the team is in contention.

Take today, for example.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words:


Courtesy of SB Nation

Anthony Rizzo has been scuffling at the plate, but still gives a good effort. Starlin Castro was blasted yesterday, but while his effort wasn't GIF'd, he made a very nice leaping snare to rob a hit in this game as well.

The Cubs may have lost today, but not because of lack of effort.  In my mind, and hopefully others agree, the effort is there.  Now the Cubs just need a talent infusion to translate that effort into consistent winning.


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  • Maybe they can all get a participation trophy for their efforts

  • In reply to Vinny:

    That would actually be kind of hilarious.

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