Addison and Shields - Scorched earth

Addison and Shields - Scorched earth

I'm sure the Germans have a word for whatever the hell the Cubs and White Sox did over the past week but after Chicago's 1-13 showing I haven't the energy to look it up.

I suppose that's to be expected when both teams have anemic offenses. Chicago scored 34 runs in 14 games which works out to 2.42 runs per game. Over their last 6 combined the two teams have combined for 5 runs.

It sucks hard right now. Really, really hard. We're past the trade deadline which means the only excitement we'll see from either team will have to do with waiver trades and call ups. I suppose you can make the argument that there is a race for Carlos Rondon going on, but realistically the White Sox have the inside edge on that one.

Enough dancing, let's get to it.

Chicago Cubs - 49-62 (1-7)

August marks the start of a fairly tough stretch for the Chicago Cubs as the Dodgers, Phillies, Cardinals, Reds, and Nationals all come calling. It would have been ideal to win the Brewers series, but they didn't.

No, instead the Cubs bullpen failed in spectacular and new ways as the Cubs allowed themselves to lose 2 of 3 against a hapless Brewers team that was missing Ryan Braun.

Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers came into town for a 4 game series and the Cubs set a new standard for offensive futility as Dodger pitching eviscerated the baby bears, allowing only 6 runs over a 4 game stretch. The sweep marked 14 straight road wins for the Dodgers, and their closer Kenley Jansen faced 9 Cubs and struck out 8 over the series.

The Cubs wasted some good pitching over this stretch, including a competent start from Carlos Villanueva who posted a 6.0 2 1 1 3 5 line in the last game of the series. The Cubs also did not make a significant move at the deadline despite hot and heavy rumors that Dioner Navarro among others were inquired about by other teams.

This was truly a lost week for the baby bears, one whose futility was only matched by one other team.

Chicago White Sox 40-69 (0-7)

How bad has the White Sox offense been? Hector Santiago hasn't earned a win since June despite posting a 2.78 ERA for the month of July. Chris Sale is 6-11 with a 1.04 WHIP and a 2.98 ERA. He is arguably the best pitcher in the American League yet he will most likely finish with a losing record. Anthony Rienzo also made an impressive debut this week but it was once again overshadowed by an awful offense.

The White Sox have lost ten games in a row while scoring a total of 18 runs during that stretch. Simply put, 1.8 RPG isn't gonna get it done.

The Jake Peavy trade was the team's most positive news over this week. It's a move that deserves some credit for being creative and bringing in a talented OFer in Avisail Garcia.

The Red Sox have announced a three-team trade with the Tigers and White Sox that will send right-handers Jake Peavy and Brayan Villarreal to Boston and shortstop Jose Iglesias to Detroit. The White Sox will receive outfield prospect Avisail Garcia as well as minor league right handers J.B. Wendelken and Francellis Montas and shortstopCleuluis Rondon.


This was the rare trade that looks like everyone won on the surface. Boston got what they needed, Detroit got what they needed, and the White Sox got what they needed.

Peavy is an expensive commodity and the White Sox were looking to shed payroll while simultaneously adding young talent. Their farm system is no longer the worst in baseball but it is still a bottom tier organization that needs an overhaul.

In Garcia the White Sox acquired a young hitter that can hit for average and power while playing fringe average defense in a corner outfield spot. The concerns about his plate discipline are real and it's an area of his game that needs work but often times those concerns are massively overstated. I think Garcia will be a fine everyday player and perhaps one that makes a few all star games.

The Peavy situation was Rick Hahn's first real test as he was given a deeply flawed roster and a farm system that is in the dumps. Hahn was long hailed as a hot GM prospect during his time as assistant GM to Kenny Williams.


Either way you cut it Chicago baseball had an awful week. Both teams are jockeying for draft position at this point and while I think 1-13 is an extreme example of how bad the baseball has been I do think this week was a harbinger of things to come. Entering into the season I thought Chicago could easily win 140 combined games, that looks like it's in jeopardy right now.


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