Dreamcast 25 - The Derrek Lee Edition

Dreamcast 25 - The Derrek Lee Edition

For this edition of The Dreamcast we talked about the Matt Garza trade that netted Mike Olt, CJ Edwards, Justin Grimm and a PTBNL. We discussed Dale Sveum and whether he is going to last as Cubs manager. We waxed poetic about Junior Lake and how magical his small sample size has been thus far.

We also talked about a potential Alfonso Soriano trade and how much we will miss him when he's gone. Rice wanted to punch Anno in the face at this point so we hugged and made up. Hopefully I'm not being traded.

We broke and I talked to Craig about the Biogenesis stuff and how the process wasn't exactly the cleanest nor the most ideal. It was a surprise call and Craig is on vacation.

I then talked to Joe Drugan from The Nats Blog about the Nationals ascent to prominence (despite their recent struggles). We talked about the early years and the Livan Hernandez years and mentioned a bunch of players nobody would recognize.

And that was our episode.


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