Dreamcast 26: The Billy (Dee or Otherwise) Williams Edition

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We talked a bit about the Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano trades that happened recently, as well as other likely trades that are coming soon for the remaining assets such as Nate Schierholtz.  We speculated a bit on other assets that were not quite as likely (listen in!) and then moved on to whether the Cubs should try to trade or extend Jeff Samardzija at this point.  Then we speculated on possible free agent acquisitions that the front office might consider to add on to this marginally improved 2013 squad.

Our guest this week was Ms. Stacey Gotsulias, co-editor-in-chief of the Yankees blog, itsaboutthemoney.net and a very knowledgeable and passionate fan of baseball.  We talked about the Soriano trade back to New York, the current state of the Yankees, and what she thought of Alex Rodriguez and all the Biogenesis weirdness going on now.

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