The Cubs No-Hit Streak Contest

The Cubs No-Hit Streak Contest

If you're on Twitter, a Cubs fan, and a fan of goofy feats of baseball history, you've almost certainly seen direct or re-tweets like this:



That's right, the Cubs have not been no-hit in any meaningful game since September 9, 1965.  That day, a lineup featuring Hall of Famers Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams was completely shut down by fellow Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax, who tossed arguably the greatest perfect game in modern baseball history.  Since then, as the Twitter user @CubsNoHitStreak says, even when they've sucked and all hope of winning the game was lost, the Chicago Cubs have always managed to squeeze out one hit to fill out that part of the box score.

We're going to have some extra fun with this for the remainder of the season, brought to you by World Series Dreaming and Born on Third Cubs Blog and in conjunction with the official Cubs No-Hit Streak.  Prepare yourself for...

The Cubs No-Hit Streak Pick-Em Contest


  1. You are responsible for reading these rules and understanding them in their entirety to fully participate in this contest.  Failure to adhere to the rules, in particular for entry submissions and deadlines, means that your entry for that day or for the entire contest is forfeit.
  2. You are responsible for knowing what the lineup for the day is.  The lineup is available through various channels including our individual Twitter accounts, the Cubs' official Twitter, and all 300 Chicago area beat writers and bloggers.  And since you're on the internet, we're assuming you know how to use Twitter and Google.
  3. You MUST send in your entry (see below for details) before first pitch of that day's game.  Please send your entry via e-mail to ( ) so that we can get a time stamp of your entry and keep everything organized.  Please include your Twitter handle that you used to enter the contest with your e-mail entry.  Only ONE entry per day per contestant, please.  If you send in multiple entries, only the last one will be counted and we might get mad at you.
  4. Use the hashtag #NoHitStreakContest to keep up with details.


  1. Scoring is based on two factors: the player who ends the no-hitter, and the inning in which the no-hitter was snapped.
  2. Each contestant who picks the player correctly earns two points; the correct inning gets one point, giving you a chance at a total of three points each contest day.  Therefore, even if you don't pick the correct player, you still have a shot at earning points.

Eligible Contestants For August:

Please ensure that you tweet your interest to @CubsNoHitStreak with the hashtag #NoHitStreakContest to confirm your entry prior to 3 PM on August 1.

Determination of Winner:

  1. World Series Dreaming is responsible for generating weekly updates of points standings and to inform the populace of who broke up the no-hitter on each day.
  2. Born on Third is responsible for keeping track of point earnings in his super-secret spreadsheet using state-of-the-art algorithms (read: Excel).  At the end of the contest period, running from August 1st to August 31st, inclusive, the points will be tallied and a winner declared based on highest point total
  3. The top ten point totals will be eligible to enter our September contest, and the rest of the pool will then be filled by a first-come, first-served basis up to our contest limit of 40.


100thingsThe winner each month will receive a copy of the book, "100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die."  Incidentally, the book has a chapter on the No-Hit Streak (plug, plug).

For those of you who missed the cutoff to enter for August, keep tabs on this contest using #NoHitStreakContest and we'll see you in September along with the ten automatic qualifiers.

Good luck everyone!

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