Marmol, Fans & an Apology

Marmol, Fans & an Apology

So, about last night…

Last night we at World Series Dreaming inadvertently started a shit storm, and pissed off a number of our followers when we posted a blog that came across as defending Carlos Marmol, and telling fans of the Chicago Cubs and our blog how to be fans. If this is how you interpreted the blog, I offer you a heart felt apology, and wish to offer you up an explanation of sorts. Even though Rice has already done this, I wanted to take things a little further and give you my two cents on the subject at hand. I hope that you bare with me and hear what I have to say.

Yesterday afternoon, with a game well in hand, and the Cubs usual closer Kevin Gregg down for the count due to excessive use, Cubs Manager Dale Sveum turned to the one man no one ever wants to see close out a game ever again. Carlos Marmol was thrown out there to protect a three run lead and failed in remarkable fashion.

I freely admit, that when the time comes to close out a game, I want Marmol as far away from the mound as he can possibly get. I want him on the bus back to the hotel when the ninth inning roles around and the time comes to get those final three outs. He has shown time and time again that he cannot get those final three outs on a consistent basis. Middle relief and setup, he is sharp and tends to get the job done. But those final three outs cause him to melt faster than a snowball in Hell. I feel your pain when I see Marmol trotting out to the mound when the time comes to earn a save.

Sadly, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. The Cubs were winning 3-0 against the Mets, going for the sweep, and Marmol was called to the mound because Gregg’s arm needed a day off. Relievers cannot pitch every day, and that is what he got. Marmol on the mound for the final three outs, and you know what happened next.

This led to a wide variety of reactions all over the internet. On the Cubs official FaceBook page, on our FaceBook page and all across Twitter.

As a Cubs fan, I freely admit that I was embarrassed to be a Cubs fan after the things that I saw and heard. After seeing some of the reactions, I had to bite my tongue, and keep myself from doing exactly what Rice did in the blog that pissed everyone off, but not using such gentle terms and words that he did. After reading how his post went down, I am glad I did not speak my mind and tell everyone to (to use nicer words) jump off a cliff.

Yes, we are all baseball fans. We love the Chicago Cubs with all our hearts and we have a passion for the game. We all care if the Cubs win or lose and we all have a right to boo the team and players when they play poorly and, well, do everything that Marmol did yesterday to cost the Cubs a win that was within their grasps. I was upset too at the loss. You will never hear us telling you not to be angry , upset or sad over the Cubs losing a game. We are fans just like you, and we want to see the team win just as much as you do. Our only request, is that you keep things in perspective. After all, this is only a game.

If you want to know what set us off, I will tell you. Fans cursing Marmol, demanding he, Sveum or even Theo Epstein get fired was not the cause of our displeasure or our anger towards the fans. If we got mad every time someone demanded a player get cut or a coach got fired, we would give ourselves ulcers and likely find an early grave. That happens far too much for us to care too much about. What got us upset, and led to the blog that caused a lot of anger to be spewed at our page, was fans taking their emotions too far and saying things that should never be said over a baseball game.

After Marmol blew the save, FaceBook and Twitter blew up with fans not only cursing Marmol, demanding his release and calling for Sveum’s head, but also saw fans wishing ill will on Marmol. Fans were actually sending out death threat messages to Marmol all over the net. Over a damn game, people wanted to literally kill Marmol. Not because he did something to physically hurt them or their family, but because he blew the save in a baseball game. Think about that for a second. In a game that is supposed to bring us entertainment, not something that is supposed to have a meaningful impact on our lives, but in a baseball game.

That is what pisses me off. If you have read any of my rants about how classless or clueless fans can be, you would know that I do not take this sort of thing lightly. When fans make things personal and take their emotions over a game too far, that is when I get upset. That is where I draw the line.

Get emotional, shed a tear if you really want to. That is fine. That is being human and shows that you care. Hell, throw a pillow or break shit if you truly think that helps. But don’t take things so far that you actually wish physical harm on someone for losing a game.

I repeat, you will never hear us calling you out for getting upset about the Cubs losing a game. Just don’t make things personal or take things too far. Actions like wishing death on a player shows your true character.

As far as World Series Dreaming, we lost a couple followers last night, so be it. If you want to unfollow our blog or page for calling out those fans (not by name) for taking things too far and wishing death on him fine. Goodbye. We don’t want fans like that.

We at World Series Dreaming piss people off every day for a number of reasons. Some say we are too negative, while others say we are too positive and kiss the Cubs’ and their players’ asses. We cannot win, and we cannot please everyone. We try, but we fail miserably at making everyone happy. That is because we are all individuals and we all want something different out of a “news source”. Some want to be uplifted, some want to be slapped. Same things happen in real life outside of sports. How often when you are in a bad mood do you want to hear depression songs? When you are angry do you search out songs to feed your anger? Same when you are happy….

Perhaps we dropped the ball in not feeding the emotion that you are feeling at the moment. Perhaps that is what fans want out of life, and a blog page that tries to do the best they can to keep things on a certain level, not leaning too much to either side.

At the end of the day, we at World Series Dreaming are who we are. We are here for the fans to vent, to discuss the game of baseball and overall to have fun. I hope that you stick with us, and together we can experience all the joy that will eventually come with the Cubs winning the World Series. But if not, best of luck to you searching out a blog or news source that will give you all that your heart desires.

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    It's a game. For entertainment purposes. People act like Marmol is physically harming God, he is a human being, and probably feels worse than any of you about it. Let it go. The nice thing about baseball is that there is a new game the next day to enjoy. For entertainment.

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