Delays, Delays...

To update all of you out there...

Unfortunately, our primary blog,, is still down because the host unfairly suspended us and after we were unsuspended, the domain no longer pointed to the right place so we have to somehow figure this out.  Stay tuned for that.

That meant that most of our available time was spent trying to figure out what the hell was going on and trying to fix it.  We've since purchased a host package elsewhere and will eventually transfer it over there, but since 67% of WSD is Amish, we have no idea how to actually do it until the other 33% uses his awesome Google and tech guru powers to make things work.  The last time I tried to do something, the internet broke, so...yeah.

In the meanwhile, we suggest following Cubs Den, who has some of the internet's best MLB Draft analysis.  We are now in Day Three and John has some interesting names that may or may not be had for the right price.  At this point, though, not signing a pick will not forfeit the available pool so the Cubs could pretty much just pick whoever and negotiate later.  Worth a shot!

This is out there just to let people know that we are still around, yes, we're still going to be active, we just have to figure some stuff out first and then hopefully all will be well.  Thanks for your patience and thanks to ChicagoNow for inviting us in so we're not completely lost in blog purgatory.

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