Dreamcast 20.1 - The elusive dream of happiness in baseball

Dreamcast 20.1 - The elusive dream of happiness in baseball

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Hello, this is side one to Episode 20 because our show was too big.

In this episode we answer emails about #want and #rig, we answer questions about top Cubs prospects Javier Baez, Albert Almora and lineup construction on the whole. We dip a little into Kris Bryant and why Mauricio Rubio doesn't watch hockey.

We discussed Carlos Marmol and why he is still on the team and any potential outcomes of a DFA Marmol move. We started talking about the Cardinals.

Rodney Knuppel was our guest and he talked about the Cardinals organization on the whole, what he thinks the do well regarding player drafting, scouting and development. He also had nice things to say about the Cubs direction and what they're doing with the big rebuild.

And then we said goodbye.


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