Once Again Tom Tunney Tries to !@#$% Over the Cubs

Once Again Tom Tunney Tries to !@#$% Over the Cubs

Once again, Lakeview Alderman Tom Tunney is doing all he can to throw a wrench into the Chicago Cubs request to renovate and remodel Wrigley Field. After he has seemed to be completely on board with the plans a few weeks ago, he has now done what can only be a complete 180 and has decided to put Tom Ricketts squarely behind the eight ball as he tries to preserve Wrigley Field for the generations of Cubs fans to come. Now, those plans might have been completely derailed, forcing him to seriously consider all of the offers he has gotten from various cities in the Chicagoland area.

In a letter he sent to the Cubs today, which comes in advance of the meeting tomorrow morning with the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to get their approval, Tunney demanded the Cubs reduce the proposed signage, reducing the size of their jumbotron, as well as the complete elimination of the pedestrian cross walk that would have gone over Clark Street stretching from the upcoming hotel to a concourse of Wrigley Field.

While the changes he is requesting/demanding may not seem significant, asking for such major changes on such short notice is not a good sign. The Ricketts family could go forward with their original plans to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, and hope they side with them despite the lack of support from the Alderman, or they can pull an all nighter redoing the entire proposal and hope that the Alderman is pleased with the changes that were made.

Either way the family decides to go, things could go very badly for them. This last minute swerve by Tunney could completely derail anything the Cubs want to do with their ball park. If they propose the original plans and they get rejected, the Cubs may have to completely start from scratch. If they decide to adhere to Tunney's requests and give in to everything he is demanding, the Ricketts family and the Cubs will suffer. They will not be able to generate the revenue they need to ensure they are able to put a competitive team on the field.

Once again, Tunney shows his true colors. He shows that he is nothing more than a sock puppet for the Rooftops, and all he cares about is the bottom line. If the Cubs present their original proposal, and that gets rejected, I hope the Cubs seriously consider leaving Wrigley. While I would hate to see the Cubs play elsewhere, at least they would be able to do whatever they want to do with their property, and not have to bend over backwards to suit the every need and desire of the leaches that have been living off of the Cubs product for decades.

Without the Cubs at Wrigley, the rooftops will go bankrupt and the city of Chicago will lose their cash cow.



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  • The U.S. Supreme Court implied today that what you suggested in the headline was legal.

    That, of course, is not a judgment about zoning matters. But, as Bob Fioretti got knocked back by the courts, maybe also will Tunney. Cubs will be in Rosemont by then.

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