My Fur Baby Kafka the Bulldog Teaches Me Yet Another Lesson

My Fur Baby Kafka the Bulldog Teaches Me Yet Another Lesson
Kafka the bulldog can sleep just about anywhere -- except last night in our bed, apparently.

I felt like a horrible mama to my fur baby Kafka the bulldog yesterday. We've been trying to "wean" him off sleeping in our bed, especially since baby girl will be here any day now, and that means he's sleeping in his kennel at night. He actually seems to be okay with this arrangement too. (At least his snoring seems to imply that). But on Sunday night/Monday morning, he didn't want to come out of his kennel.

I got down on my hands and knees to coax him out, and discovered something. He had thrown up, and had been sleeping next to his puke the whole night. I felt so terrible, and he was acting ashamed about his puke. I felt so terrible in part, because he's been getting over some sort of stomach irritation for a little while now. I really had thought that he'd gotten better though -- we were even about to wean him off his bland diet -- but he puked. And I hadn't noticed. And I used to always notice.

Both my hubby and I felt terrible, and we felt like we needed to make it up to him. That's why we let him sleep in our bed again last night. But really? That didn't help anyone out. I tossed and turned with my nearly 9-month pregnant belly. Kafka kept moving around trying to find a "spot" nearly all night. He even woke me up in the middle of the night by licking me on the back of my night (not the most pleasant way to wake up, really).

So what have I learned from this? Sometimes you just can't win. Sometimes you lose sleep over your kiddos when you're trying to make sure they're OK and healthy -- and yep I include my fur baby in that scenario -- and it doesn't necessarily help them. Neither Kafka nor I (nor my husband) got sleep last night, despite our best intentions. And that's just a part of the crazy life of parenthood. At least that's what I like to think Kafka is trying to teach me before his (human) baby sister arrives in the coming weeks.

One last note, in case you're wondering, Kafka is totally okay now. He's very much acting himself, and he's starting to enjoy his kibble again too. And a happy puppy always equals a happy momma.

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